is kratom and alcohol safe

Are you looking for high-quality Kratom? At Kratom Source USA, you can choose from a long list of popular and rare Kratom strains available in all Kratom colors. Besides top quality, we offer reasonable prices, making sure you buy Kratom as much as you want. Kratom and alcohol extraction are two separate things that can be joined together. Combining the two (a substance mixed with a herb) is not impossible, but this is an enhanced process that requires precision, experience, and advanced equipment. Kratom and alcohol extraction is performed in advanced laboratories.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself. Yes, the process requires intelligence and knowledge about Kratom. This post will talk about Kratom and alcohol extraction and shed light on easy methods you can perform at home.

Kratom and Alcohol Extraction

kratom and alcohol safe

There are two main ingredients – Kratom leaves and alcohol. There are different processes that require acids, fruit juices, lemonade, etc as additional ingredients.

So, first and foremost, make sure, is Kratom legal in your state? Is it readily available in your area?

If it is legal, you’ll indeed find some head shop Kratom nearby. We’d recommend buying only branded Kratom because it’s top-quality and finely ground.

Most Kratom and alcohol extraction methods feature Kratom powder, while others feature Kratom leaves. Since Kratom comes from Kratom leaf, the powdered Kratom cuts down your prep time.

Now, let’s see how Kratom is extracted using alcohol.

Crushing of Kratom

This process is used in industries, and you can do it under a specific setting at your home too. If you have Kratom leaves, add alcohol (preferably ethanol) up to 95% of the weight of the leaves.

The more, the better, to quicken up the crushing process. Crush the leaves into small pieces to get the resultant Kratom concentrate.

There are no specific requirements for temperature. You can perform this process at room temperature.

Adding More Alcohol

Once you have the Kratom concentrate, add more alcohol to it. It should be 90% by mass. If the Kratom concentrate weighs, say, 500 grams, you need to add up to 450 grams of alcohol to it.

Now leave the mixture for three hours or so at room temperature. Here, some people allow the mixture to simmer on low-heat to quicken up the process, but this is not recommended. This way, the alkaloids in Kratom may evaporate, reducing the concentration level.


This process may be new to you. By ‘centrifuging,’ we mean separating substances from the Kratom mixture based on their densities. While experts have the proper equipment to separate these substances, you can use a sieve to separate the Kratom alcohol. What remains on the sieve is known as supernatant.

Alkaloid Extractionkratom and alcohol

This is a time-consuming process. Plus, you need to have different alcohols that can extract more alkaloids. Some most common alcohols include ethyl acetate and chloroform.

First, the supernatant is passed through ethyl acetate. The more ethyl acetate it receives, the more alkaloids you get in return. You need to repeat the process 3-5 times to maximize the alkaloid count through Kratom and alcohol extraction.

Secondly, pass the mixture through chloroform. Make sure to pass it a couple of times so that the supernatant gets dried and frozen.

This might look like a complicated process to follow at home. However, with machines doing all those problematic tasks in factories, all you need is to control temperature, timings, and quantity.

Things to Remember

While preparing Kratom alcohol this way, you need to ensure a few things beforehand. These include:

The Kratom leaves you’re buying must be of high quality. Most Kratom vendors don’t sell Kratom leaves because of the legal restrictions. If that’s the case, you need to work your way around with Kratom powder.

Pay close attention to the alkaloid concentration you want to achieve. DIY processes don’t really give the desired concentration level, especially in Kratom and alcohol extraction. Higher concentration can always be reduced with a bit of heating, but you can’t increase it once done.

Conclusionalcohol and kratom

Kratom and alcohol extraction requires focus and attention to detail, which is why most people refrain from taking it as a DIY project. It’s an expensive and time-consuming process if done at home. However, industries have more enhanced methods to execute the process.

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