Candles make a great gift, considering they can be used regularly and add splendor to space. Keeping that in mind, what could be a better gift for an enthusiast than a Kratom dosage candle?

However, you won’t find such an option online or in any store. So, your only bet is to make the candle at home, package it well, and send it to a friend who is a fan of Kratom.

Let’s talk about the right Kratom dosage for making candles.

What is Kratom?kratom dosage

Before going into detail about the process of making Kratom dosage infused candles, let’s talk a bit about the Kratom plant. Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is a plant from the coffee family that grows natively in Southeast Asia.

In the past decade, the plant has gained immense popularity in the US, with millions of people buying it annually. So, what makes Kratom so unique?

Kratom has been a part of Southeast Asian culture for centuries. However, like every other herbal thing, it is just now becoming known in the Western lands.

Typically, you’ll find two different types of Kratom:

Additionally, some places may also sell Kratom concentrates or liquids. The reason behind the vast variety of Kratom forms is the high demand for the plant.

Along with types, Kratom can also be categorized based on strains and Kratom colors. These range from green to white, depending on the plant’s age and alkaloid concentration.

Likewise, Kratom strains are based on the maturity and source origin of the plant.

Correct Kratom Dosage to Make Candles

Coming back to our main topic, let’s discuss the usability of Kratom for making candles. If you’ve ever searched for scented or infused candles online, you’d know they can be as expensive as $100 for a small one. Why pay so much when you can make them at home?

To make Kratom dosage candles, you should opt for Kratom powder, which will be easier to use. Of course, you can also use Kratom extract, but the powder dissolves much easily.

If you intend to make a larger batch of candles for all your friends, we’d suggest getting Kratom wholesale to save some money.

How to Make Candles Using Kratom Dosage?correct kratom dosage

Now that you’re familiar with the Kratom herb, let’s discuss the candle-making process in detail. We’d suggest buying fresh Kratom as it’s easier to work with and mixes well with the wax.

Luckily, you can buy Kratom online with ultimate ease these days.

Step 1: Wash the Jars

First of all, wash the glass pots that you want to make the candles in. You can also use a small glass or an empty coffee jar. Since glass is heat resistant, it will bear the hot wax without cracking.

Step 2: Put Candle Wicks In

Then, put the candle wicks inside the jar. Make sure you buy wicks with metal collars or attach them later if you have uncollared wicks. The metal prevents heat from traveling to the bottom of the jar, heating it to the point of cracking.

Cut the wick as per the height of the glass jar. To hold the wicks in place, keep them between two toothpicks, balanced on the mouth of the glass jar.

Step 3: Melt the Wax

For wax, take twice the size of your container. For example, if your jar is 4oz., the wax should be 8oz. Put the wax in a heat-resistant cup and place it in a large saucepan.

Fill the pan with water to a point lower than the mouth of the cup. Otherwise, the water will splash inside the wax.

Turn on the heat and let the wax melt until it gets a liquid inconsistency. Stir the wax with a wooden spoon for even melting.

Step 4: Time for Kratom Dosage

Usually, you’d add a coloring agent to the wax at this point. One of the popular options is a crayon. However, since we’re making Kratom dosage candles, this is the step where you put in Kratom powder.

Depending on the jar’s size, add a tea or tablespoon of Kratom powder to the wax. It will change the wax’s color instantly. You can add a higher Kratom dosage to make the color intense.

Step 5: Pour the Wax

Lastly, pour the wax infused with Kratom dosage into the glass jar. Keep a newspaper under the jar to prevent the wax from getting onto the nearby surfaces.

Pour the melted wax slowly until it fills up the jar, leaving some space on the top. Then, trim the wick, and your candle is ready for use.

Now, it’s time you use this method to make candles for yourself or buddies who support Kratom as much as you do.

Final Words

This is it. We’re sure you now have a good idea of Kratom dosage to make candles and how to make Kratom candles. For more interesting articles, feel free to visit our Kratom blog.

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