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Kratom is an intricate plant, there’s always something new to learn about it. Sure enough, Kratom enthusiasts feel compelled to know as much as they can about this herb, such as what is Kratom High canopy leaves.

Being Kratom enthusiasts ourselves, we deem it our responsibility to ensure that you know about the science behind Kratom. How and where does it grow? Why can’t it grow in the US?

Being a botanical product, Kratom has a natural aspect to it. Let’s discuss it in detail and trace its connection to the Kratom high canopy leaves.

What are Kratom High Canopy Leaves?kratom high canopy

If you’re familiar with the structure of trees, you’d know that the top-most layer of leaves forms the canopy of a forest. Kratom plants are spectacular in this regard. They grow up to 25 meters, forming a dense canopy over the woods when they’re fully mature.

Along with their height, Kratom trees’ width is also quite significant. Most of them have trunks that are up to a meter wide. The point being, Kratom trees are capable of forming a large canopy wherever they grow.

As Kratom leaves age, their veins change color, giving rise to different strains. In earlier growth stages, farmers use the Kratom plant to make green vein Kratom.

White vein Kratom comes from Kratom leaves in their mid-youth. As the leaves mature, the veins change color again, turning red. That’s where we get red vein Kratom from.

Now, it might sound pretty systematic, but the color change isn’t as smooth as you may think. Local farmers are skilled in the art of harvesting the right leaves at the right time.

As a result, they supply Kratom powder and Kratom colors that are hard to match in terms of quality and alkaloid concentration.

Where Does Kratom Grow?

high on kratom tree

Like any other plant, Kratom also needs optimum temperature and growth conditions to grow to its full potential. These conditions are prevalent in Southeast Asia, where the herb is cultivated on a large scale.

From the island of Borneo to Thailand’s plains, you’ll find Kratom high canopy leaves thriving. Why is that? The soil composition and weather conditions play a significant role in determining where a plant will grow best.

Kratom needs a hot and tropical climate for proper growth. Plus, the air must be humid, since that’s where the plant sucks its moisture from. Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea have such climates. Thus, Kratom almost exclusively comes from these countries.

Alkaloid Concentration

Considering that some leaves grow on the top while others at the bottom, there must be a difference between their alkaloid concentrations. As the trees get mature, they form a Kratom high canopy in the forest.

Since most trees grow close to each other, it’s hard for sunlight to pass through this blanket of leaves. As a result, the leaves growing at the bottom of the trees are often devoid of sunlight.

Therefore, their alkaloid concentration is generally lower. That explains a lot about different Kratom strains. You’ll notice that the varieties with high alkaloid content are often white or red vein Kratom. That’s because they come from mature leaves growing at the top.

However, this doesn’t always mean that green vein Kratom has lower alkaloid concentration. Other factors, such as soil composition and humidity, also come into play.

Kratom Processing and Packaging how to get kratom high

Now that you know about the origin of Kratom, let’s discuss how it is processed into the form that you buy it in. Firstly, local farmers pick the leaves of relevant colors during different life stages of the plant.

Then, they send the leaves to industrial grinders that crush the plant to form Kratom powder. Reputed sellers package this powder into air-tight bags to ensure that fresh Kratom reaches the customers.

If there’s a demand for it, the powder is packaged into Kratom capsules. Most suppliers use organic shells to ensure that the resulting Kratom capsules are fully safe for the buyers.

Lastly, the suppliers export these products directly to the vendors. In some cases, they sell the product to the distributors who supply it further to local and online vendors.

Therefore, when you buy Kratom online or from a smoke shop, check the supplier’s reputation and reviews. After confirming a vendor’s reliability and quality, you can buy in small batches or get Kratom wholesale at discounted prices.

Final Words

By now, you should know a lot about the Kratom herb and its origin. Since Kratom high canopy leaves take longer to be ready for processing and are harder to acquire, those strains may be expensive.

Therefore, if you plan to buy Kratom, do extensive research on different local and online vendors and opt for the most highly-reviewed store. To learn more, visit our Kratom blog.


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