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Kratom is getting more and more popular in the US and other parts of the world, but one thing that is getting even more popular is Kratom tea. After being part of the Southeast Asian culture for centuries, Kratom tea is now also in demand in many European and North American countries.

Kratom, also called Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree (but often looks like a big plant) that only grows in tropical conditions of Southeast Asia. As the demand in the US increases, there is also a massive Kratom plantation, especially in Indonesia, that exports 95% of all the Kratom imported by the US.

Even though it is part of the coffee plant family, scientifically known as Rubiaceae, Kratom has a different chemical profile, with active alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxy mitragynine, only unique to Kratom.

Just like the coffee plant can be used to make coffee, you can also make tea with Kratom. In fact, Kratom tea has been part of the native culture for centuries now in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Before we specifically talk about this tea, it is important to have a quick glance at Kratom from a historical perspective. For centuries at least, native tribesmen of Southeast Asia have treated Kratom as part of their local heritage. Procured from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa trees – that grow naturally and abundantly in the region – Kratom was popular with those tribesmen in various different forms. One of them being the tea made using kratom.

Kratom Tea and Southeast Asia

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It is now more than two hundred years since the Dutch botanists discovered the Kratom during the colonial era. However, Kratom was never a new thing for native Southeast Asia.

One of the most popular by-products of this popular herb in Southeast Asia for centuries is Kratom tea. No matter if it is Indonesia, Malaysia, or Thailand, you can still find this tea as part of the local (especially rural) Southeast Asian culture.

In fact, you can find a unique recipe specific to a region if you travel throughout Southeast Asia. Even though Kratom tea is trending in Europe and North America in the last few years, most of the recipes used for this tea are from Southeast Asia.

In the past, grounded Kratom or Kratom leaves were used to prepare tea. However, as modern drying and grounding techniques made their way to rural Southeast Asia, high-quality Kratom powder became the most popular option for Kratom tea.

How to Prepare Tea With Kratom?

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When it comes to preparing Kratom tea, there are probably more than dozens of different recipes available to try out. Kratom powders of extracts obtained from more than a dozen different Kratom strains can be the ingredient of this herbal tea.

However, the most popular form of Kratom employed to prepare tea is Kratom powder. The reason why powder is a better option for tea compared to extract is that the extract molecules tend to break down and lose their alkaloid ratio due to hot water. This doesn’t happen with Kratom powder as it simply dissolves in hot water.

So how do the natives make tea with Kratom powder? Well, they first need to select a Kratom strain. One of the most popular options is Red Bali, sourced from the mineral-rich Indonesian rainforests.

You can find a wide range of Kratom strains in powder form on popular online Kratom vendors like Kratom Source USA.  Natives have been culturally mixing kratom powder in hot water to make Kratom tea.

Kratom enthusiasts also experiment with different ingredients like cinnamon or lemon. As mentioned, with a variety of Kratom strains and other herbs to add, numerous different ways of preparing kratom tea are possible and even invent a new one.

Final Words

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All in all, this all-pure, herbal tea is getting popular all over the world. All that needs to be done is to buy Kratom (preferably powder form) and add it to boiling water.

In addition to Kratom powder, there are also some Kratom tea products available in the market that you can use as a teabag. You can easily buy Kratom, or whatever you need to prepare Kratom tea online from Kratom vendors. Just make sure there is no Kratom ban in place in your state or the city you live in.

Feel free to visit our Kratom blog if you want to learn more about this amazing herb. We regularly update our Kratom blog to help Kratom enthusiasts and beginners get all the recent news, updates, and other Kratom related stuff.

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