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If you want the best Kratom powder or Kratom capsules, you’re at the right place. Kratom Source USA offers a wide variety of Kratom strains in all the natural Kratom colors. Explore our cheap Kratom products and get lucrative discounts on your purchases.  There’s no denying, Kratom is a world-famous herb. It is so popular that many enthusiasts tend to experiment with it. Some Kratom buyers are keen on Kratom gardening. They are looking for ways to utilize Kratom for gardening. On the other hand, some Kratom enthusiasts want to grow Mitragyna Speciosa at home.  Well, you may or may not be one of them, but there’s just a piece of information you should know. Not Quitting Kratom tree watering may be harmful to the plant.

If you believe you can grow Kratom at home, this post is meant for you. Here, we are going to talk about two things:

  • How to ensure hassle-free growth of the Kratom plant?
  • When should you be quitting Kratom tree watering?

So, let’s dig right in.

Kratom Tree Growth Requirementsquitting kratom safely

Knowing whether the plant is safe to garden with has always been the first step to go about planting it. So, the rules won’t change for Kratom either. Here are the basic requirements for the growth of Kratom:

Hot and Humid Climate

If you have gone through our Kratom blog, you’d know that Kratom requires a hot and humid climate to grow. This is why Kratom grows in the Southeast Asian region. In places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, the climate is quite hot, while the humidity is consistent.

This probably the most important concern hindering many Kratom growers from extracting the desired quality and quantity of Kratom. In fact, there’s hardly any success story in the US or other colder regions.

Appropriate Soil

Moreover, the soil needed for growing Kratom needs special ingredients. This is the soil that yields nutrients and enhances the alkaloid count in Kratom leaves. Furthermore, you need to ensure the pH between 5 and 6; otherwise, a higher pH means alkaline soil, which is not suitable for Kratom growth.

The next thing is soil’s humus level. A higher humus level ensures fertility as it can retain more moisture and offers better drainage.

Water Level (When Quitting Kratom Tree Watering is Feasible)quitting kratom dose

Do you know why quitting Kratom tree watering at the right moment is so important? That’s because the presence of excess water in the ground may promote fungus growth. And this is something you cannot afford while growing Kratom in an unfriendly natural setting.

Too much water in your soil is an invitation to pests and bugs that might kill the plant before it even reaches the initial stage.


Last but not the least, your Kratom plant needs sunlight. Keep in mind the natural climate of Southeast Asia, where Kratom trees are exposed to bright light throughout the day. The days are longer, which means you need to ensure light for extended hours.

Seed Selection

Now, we’ve come to a more important stage – buying the Kratom seeds. It’s a challenging task. First of all, you don’t find too many vendors who sell Kratom plants. But let’s suppose you’ve got a few Kratom seeds. The next stage is more challenging.

The seeds don’t take root like normal plants. They need a proper climate and atmosphere to grow. They have a pretty short viability period, and this is one downside that prevents many gardeners from planting Kratom.

You’ve got to plant the Kratom seeds at the right time. Otherwise, prepare to restart the process from scratch. A good idea would be to plant multiple subspecies of Kratom at once. This way, the probability of getting at least one seed to take roots is more.

Best Alternative to Growing Kratom

Well, to be honest, there’s a better option than growing Kratom in a hostile environment. Instead of looking for ways to grow Kratom or thinking about quitting Kratom tree watering, you can buy headshop Kratom. Just type, where can I buy Kratom near me on the search page and follow suggestions.

Even better, buy Kratom online!

Online Kratom vendors, such as Kratom Source USA, offer a wide range of Kratom strains. Even better, you can buy Kratom in bulk and get it cheap.

Conclusionhow to quit kratom safely

In short, if you want to know when quitting Kratom tree watering is good, the answer is quite tricky. You need to mimic the environment of those Southeast Asian regions where Kratom grows naturally. Even if simulating such an environment is possible, it’s certainly going to be a high-cost idea, not too many individuals would try.

In contrast, you can buy Kratom at Kratom Source USA and maximize your savings. Besides the low prices, you can also avail of free shipping. Visit Kratom Source USA to find out!


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