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It’s not hard to buy Kratom nowadays as it’s readily available almost everywhere. However, it’s quite obvious that finding Kratom sellers like Botanical Kratom or Kratom Source USA is not the tricky part.

Instead, trusting them and finding preferred strains in their stock is where most buyers feel confused. Sure, you can follow some helpful tips for buying Kratom online to get a high-quality product, but suggestions can only do so much.

You need in-depth reviews of the seller that you plan to buy Kratom from. Only then you’ll know if the seller is worth it, has your favorite strains, and offers multiple payment methods.

Botanical Kratom Review

With a slogan ‘where nature meets quality,’ Botanical Kratom is an online vendor that is committed to providing high-quality Kratom strains to its customers.

They have a wide range of products, including a signature edition natural blend and herbal teas. But are their products tested? Are they reliable? Is Botanic Kratom the best place to buy Kratom?

You’ll find out in this detailed Botanical Kratom Review.

What is Botanical Kratom?

Botanical Kratom is an online Kratom vendor selling multiple Kratom strains and other products, including herbal teas and blends. The company is popular for its superior packaging and high-quality products.

Moreover, they claim that all their products go through a testing process. However, they do not mention a lab or third-party testing facility on their websites.

Despite this, the seller is a famous choice in the Kratom community due to a consistent supply of fresh Kratom. That’s why you’ll hardly find any of their products to be out of stock.

Product Range

For the sake of this review, we won’t talk about the non-Kratom products sold by Botanical Kratom. As for Kratom vein colors, the vendor sells green, red, and white. Like most other sellers, they do not stock Gold Kratom.

Also, a quick scan of their Kratom updates page showed that they do not plan on including it in their inventory any time soon.

If you’re interested in buying Yellow vein Vietnam or other gold kratom strains, you can check out the extensive range at Kratom Source USA.

Botanical Kratom also sells Kratom capsules for different Kratom colors and strains. However, the options are still limited, indicating that the capsules are a new addition to the store.

Some common strains you’ll find on the website are:

Botanical Kratom Prices

While most other vendors have similar prices for all their strains, Botanical Kratom’s prices are different for each Kratom variety. However, 100 capsules for all strains cost $79.99.

Here are the prices for some other strains in the Botanical Kratom store:

  • Maeng Da Powder($129.99 for 346 grams)
  • Maeng Da Combo for $99.99
  • Maeng Da Powder ($79.99 for 178 grams)

The signature blends range from $79.99 to $127.99. Overall, the prices are competitive and reasonable, considering the vendor delivers in air-tight packaging.

However, Botanical Kratom is a bit low on variety. You won’t find some interesting strains here, including white Indo elephant powder or Bali gold powder.

Every Kratom enthusiast wants to expand their options, adding rare strains into their Kratom fix. If you can relate to this, you should head over to Kratom Source USA. Here, you’ll find a vast range of Kratom strains, including some rare ones.

Customer Feedback

Botanical Kratom has a testimonials section on its website. Scrolling through this section, you can see that customers are happy with the vendor’s quality and fast shipping.

However, reviews like ‘wish you’d stock more strains’ indicate that customers feel limited when it comes to variety. We couldn’t simply stick to the customer reviews on the seller’s website. All of them seem too goody-goody to be true.

Thus, we searched for Botanical Kratom reviews on third-party sites. The results were pretty much the same. Customers liked the shipping and packaging from the company. Yet, most of them wished the company had more products in stock and offered bulk buying.

How to Contact Botanical Kratom?

You can drop an email at to ask questions or enquire about new products. Besides, you can call them at the toll-free number, 1-877-523-5573, in the US and Canada.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you want to buy Kratom powder, you can trust Botanical Kratom to provide a good-quality Kratom herb. However, they do not deal with bulk Kratom, nor do they stock a wide range of strains.

For an extensive range of lab-tested and reasonably-priced Kratom products, go through our Kratom Source USA website. Add your favorite strains to the cart, and they’ll be at your doorstep in no time. You can also follow our Kratom blog.


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