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Native to Southeast Asian countries, Kratom is an herb that has gained a significant amount of popularity over the last decade. Today, it is sold in a number of forms including kratom powder, tinctures, kratom capsules, extracts, candles, and soaps. However, among these, kratom powder happens to be a popular type.

Kratom powders are a relatively modern discovery since, in ancient times, only the leaves were popular among Southeast Asian people. However, without a doubt, kratom powder is far more versatile in comparison to the kratom leaf alone.

So, how is kratom powder made? Since there is a wide range of kratom strains grown in Southeast Asia, kratom powder is classified on the basis of strain and color. These colors include white, red, green, gold, and yellow. Though, the last two colors are less common in comparison to the first three.

Kratom Source USA imports exclusively the high-end kratom powder of all the famous strains directly from some of the best farms in Southeast Asia. These exclusive farms put significant effort in the manufacturing process of kratom powders.

First, an experienced farmer hand-picks leaves of a particular strain and color variety. The color variety is determined by the color of the veins and stems. Then, these leaves are dried in drying chambers. The exact procedure for drying depends solely on the color variety. Finally, once dried after 10 days, the leaves are crushed and ground in manufacturing units. These farms then package this kratom powder securely, so that no amount of moisture or light can make its way through.

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