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Kratom is an herb that carries a number of unique traits. For instance, all kratom strains come with a certain set of characteristics that are different among each other. These are usually sold in the form of powder or kratom capsules. Though, some stores also sell tinctures, soaps, candles, and Kratom extracts.

New kratom enthusiasts often buy kratom capsules because they offer high versatility. However, each capsule only contains a limited amount of kratom powder. Typically, for instance, kratom capsules contain 1 gram of kratom powder of any particular variety. Some capsules may contain more though. This amount of powder per capsule may vary from product to product.

There are many reasons why kratom capsules are popular among buyers. Mostly, they are preferred because the capsule covering ensures the longevity of the powder inside it. Hence, they tend to stay fresh for a longer period.

At ‘Kratom Source USA’, we import our kratom from the best farms in Southeast Asia. These farms use high-end kratom leaves and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to make high-end capsules.

First, the leaves are hand-picked and then dried using distinct methods depending on their color of veins and stem. Once dried, the leaves are crushed and ground using industrial machines. Finally, the resulting fine powder is filled inside natural capsule shells. These shells are then packaged securely so that the underlying product can retain maximum freshness.

We also ensure that our kratom for sale is aligned with the industry standards in terms of pricing. This is done to increase the accessibility of kratom for all.

For better value, make sure that you have done enough research related to various strains and varieties. At our store, we have a huge variety of capsules that come in various kratom colors. Ultimately, your choice would depend on what traits and qualities you are looking for.



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