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Sumatra is a group of islands in the Western part of Indonesia. Within this territory, it is the largest Island to exist. This Island is home to lush-green and dense rainforests. Along with that, the islands have a tropical climate perfectly suitable for Kratom trees.

Hence, the group of Islands are full of naturally growing Mitragyna Speciosa leaves. These varieties of kratom are called Sumatra Kratom.

Since it comes from Indonesia, Sumatra Kratom can be classified in the umbrella term of Indo Kratom strains. However, due to its distinct location, Sumatra Kratom carries certain unique traits. This makes it a standalone variety that is high in demand.

Overall, this Kratom strain has a very balanced composition. Hence, new kratom enthusiasts buy it very often. With that, many veteran kratom enthusiasts also buy kratom from Sumatra regularly. Of course, your choice of the kratom variety depends on the properties that you are looking for.

Sumatra Kratom comes in three primary kratom colors. These include White Kratom, Red Kratom, and Green Kratom. These color varieties indicate the level of maturity of the leaf. Among these, Red Vein Leaves have the highest maturity.

The varying levels of maturity tend to directly impact the alkaloid composition in the leaves. Among these, the two primary alkaloids at 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine.

Apart from this, scientific research has recognized at least 25 other alkaloids. Though, these alkaloids are present in trace amounts. Hence, one can consider them to be negligible. The overall composition varies from strain to strain, and from color to color.

When you are trying to find Sumatra kratom for sale, it is important to look for authentic sources only. Our store ‘Kratom Source USA’, imports 100% authentic Sumatra Kratom. These high-quality kratom capsules and powder come from remote farms located in Sumatra Island.

Hence, originality and high-quality is something that ‘Kratom Source USA’ is popular for providing!

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