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These terms apply to anyone who browses this website by means of the webpage “www.kratomsourceusa.com” and/or by any other methods including email, telephone or in person.

Products sold on kratomsourceusa.com are for botanical purposes only and should not be ingested or otherwise consumed by anyone. The nature of these botanical products makes them harmful potentially harmful if ingested.

kratomsourceusa.com compounds can be harmful. At the instant of purchase, our company is no longer held liable for any resulting use or misuse of the product.

No Directions For Use. Redistribution or sale of our products is wholly forbidden. Any violations of these terms will result in finalization of your relationships with our company and the pursuit of all eligible legal actions. All client personal information transmitted through this website is kept secure and confidential.

You confirm that you will not hold kratomsourceusa.com liable for any harm resulting from improper use of any products sold. kratomsourceusa.com accepts no responsibility for any sales or samples, or action taken in relation to the purchase or importation of these botanicals. The products sold by kratomsourceusa.com are not intended for purchase, possession or use by any persons under the age of 18, and you agree that you are not under this age-limit, nor are you ordering on behalf of, or for supply to any persons who are.

Acquiring any product on www.kratomsourceusa.com confirms the sole mandate of you or your organization is to use these products for botanical purposes only. It is your responsibility to check that the contents of your order are legal to import, possess, and use for your intended purpose in your country or region.

Users will only purchase and use kratomsourceusa.com products to conduct lawful activities. Resale or unlawful use of these products is not allowed according to this agreement.

kratomsourceusa.com reserves the right to modify these terms at any moment without prior notice.