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Kratom strains come with a variety of properties and unique characteristics. For instance, they may have a variation in their composition of the two primary alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine along with other substances present in trace amounts. But along with variations on the molecular level, Horned Leaf kratom in specific shows morphological variations too! And that is where it gets its name from.

Horned kratom exhibits a horn-like structure along the edge of the leaf. Indeed, these leaves look quite exotic, and hence kratom enthusiasts seem to have a lot of association with it. In fact, some people buy the Horned Leaf Kratom primarily because of this strain’s exotic profile.

Horned Leaf Kratom trees are avidly found in the thick and dense rainforests of Borneo Islands. Commonly used to make kratom capsules, the Horned Leaf varieties are also a popular choice for making powders and extracts. In fact, some stores may also sell candles and soaps made from this variety.

Of course, like all other kratom varieties, the Horned Leaf can also exhibit various kratom colors. These include Red, White, Green, Gold, and Yellow. These colors of stems and veins are indicative of varying compositions.

When you are about to buy kratom, your color choice would depend on the specific properties that you are looking for. After all, every color variety of the Horned Leaf will have different traits.

Authentic Horned Kratom is supposed to have high-quality, and all the traits that you would expect this strain to have. Our store, ‘Kratom Source USA’ imports 100% authentic Horned Leaf kratom from Borneo Islands, which is manufactured under the watch of experienced kratom experts.

At our store, the entire range of kratom for sale goes for a very affordable price. Hence, the same applies to all of our Horned Leaf kratom products. So, check out our amazing deals today!

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