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Borneo is the largest island in the Asian region. This Island is shared by three countries, that include Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Apart from having thick and lush-green rainforests, this large island is also home to some of the most exquisite kratom strains in the world. Due to this reason, Borneo Kratom is in high demand in the US Kratom market.

In specific, the Indonesian part of this island features a wide range of farms that produce high-quality kratom capsules and powders. These farms are run by local farmers who carry generations worth of knowledge under their belt. This knowledge has been passed down to them by their forefathers since Kratom cultivation in Borneo has been going on for centuries.

These experienced farmers first hand-pick the highest-quality Borneo Kratom leaves and then thoroughly wash them to remove traces of dirt. Once the leaves have been cleaned, they are dried using a mix of traditional and modern techniques. Different kratom colors have a different drying procedure, along with unique traits.

If you are a kratom enthusiast who wants to buy kratom, Borneo varieties may be a great choice for you. One popular strain that originates in this Island is Horned kratom. These kratom leaves have a structure similar to that of horns alongside the leaf’s edge. These leaves tend to have a greater aesthetic appeal along with rich properties.

Regardless of the type of strain, once the drying process is over, the farmers then take these authentic Borneo Kratom leaves to manufacturing units. Here, the dried leaves are ground and crushed thoroughly until a fine and high-quality Borneo Kratom powder is achieved.

In the US, kratom strains from Borneo are a popular product in stores that offer kratom for sale. Among these stores, we at ‘Kratom Source USA’ imports the highest-quality and authentic strains from Borneo, to meet with the never-ending demand of our devoted buyers.

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