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Kratom is an herb that belongs to the coffee family. This evergreen tree grows avidly in the Southeast Asian region, both naturally and on Kratom farms for trade purposes. A major portion of this kratom is exported to the US. Distinguished by the kratom colors, these kratom products are avidly sold at kratom stores all across the country.

Among the all various places where you can buy kratom from, ‘Kratom Source USA’ is the most reliable. Why? Because we import a wide range of kratom strains comprising of all the major kratom colors. These include White kratom, Red Kratom, and Green Kratom. Along with that, rare color varieties such as Gold Kratom are also available.

Now, you might wonder, what are Kratom colors after all? All kratom strains are classified under a color variety, which is reflective of the color of the leaf’s veins and stems.

kratom leaves tend to adopt a range of colors as they become mature. These colors are also indicative of the properties that one can expect the kratom to have. For instance, all kratom strains that lie under the Red Kratom category will have a number of common characteristics.

For instance, Red Kratom is considered to have richer properties. So, naturally, a Red Veined Kratom strain will have a higher composition of alkaloids in comparison to a Green Veined Kratom strain. On the other hand, White Veined Kratom strains are said to have a very balanced composition.

Do note that Kratom capsules, powder, and a range of other kratom products are all classified based on the color of the leaves that which the product is derived from.

Since each color has its own unique properties, the choice of kratom colors ultimately depends on the preference of buyers.

Our store, ‘Kratom Source USA’ offers a wide range of kratom for sale under each color category. So, feel free to scroll through our entire catalog, to find your preferred product.

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