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It would be foolish to ask if you knew Amazon, but whenever it’s about ‘Buy Kratom Amazon,’ things are trickier. Since Amazon has loads of stocks of a large variety of supplements, nutritions, powders, and therapeutics, you’re right in thinking whether you can actually buy Kratom Amazon. Even the logo tells the same – you can buy anything from A to Z.

These are the leading questions from most of the online buyers:

  • Is Amazon true in its claim to host all types of products the world uses?
  • Is it truly the cornucopia of brands and products?
  • Does Amazon sell Kratom? Or should we say, authentic Kratom?

Well, let’s find out in this post.

Is Buy Kratom Amazon a Reality?

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The answer is quite straightforward: at the moment, Amazon doesn’t sell Kratom. Although search engines would deny our claim and provide a few posts giving you contradicting information, be smart; don’t be another easy victim of scammers. Open your eyes and see.

Authors of those articles simply got fooled by the range of products Amazon has on offer. In fact, anyone can think, buy Kratom Amazon is a possibility. But how can you find that out?

Follow these steps:

  • Visit the brand’s website
  • Type ‘Kratom’ in the amazon’s search bar

You’ll get a list of products, but hang on!

Read about a couple of them, and you’ll find out what’s in them.

Not a single product on the list will have anything related to the herb in question. You’re here to buy Kratom Amazon, the legit one that comes directly from the Kratom trees.

However, what’s the closest thing to Kratom on Amazon that you’ll get? Ebooks on Kratom powder, Kratom strains, Kratom colors, and Kratom extracts! Add some supplements as well that they believe have similar properties to the unique Kratom leaf.

Now, ask yourself: is it the buy Kratom Amazon experience you’re expecting in the first place? Or is it something else?

Can You Buy Kratom Amazon?kratom amazon

The above explanation makes you wonder why Amazon is shying away from showcasing or selling the real Kratom products when it aims (rather claims) to provide every product. Here are the reasons why buy Kratom Amazon is not yet a possibility:

Legal Status of Kratom

If you’re an avid Kratom buyer, you’d know that the herb invites unnecessary controversies pertaining to its legality. Kratom is extracted from a popular mitragyna speciosa tree found in Southeast Asia. The increasing popularity of the Kratom subspecies feared many close competitors. They saw it as a potential and cheap replacement for their products. 

So, what do you get in the end?

Two of the federal regulatory authorities, FDA and DEA, started making efforts to ban Kratom. As a result, 2012 and 2014 saw the prohibition of Kratom shipments. In fact, DEA took it further by announcing they planned a total Kratom Ban in 2016.

What for? All because of the two naturally occurring alkaloids found in Mitragyna Speciosa: Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. However, these efforts were not conclusive.

Still, Kratom enjoys a legal status in the majority of the US states. People can still buy Kratom offered by numerous brands, except for Amazon. And the reason why they’re refraining from selling the herb is its legal scrutiny.

If you look closely, Amazon doesn’t really deal with such controversial products. Obviously, they’re selling worldwide, so the products they pick to sell should have worldwide acceptability. Cutting long discussion short, you can’t buy Kratom Amazon and look for the best alternatives.

Worldwide Shipping

how to buy kratom amazon

Amazon ships to all the states in the US, and they also cover many other places around the world. With Kratom’s controversial legal status in some US states and many countries around the world, Amazon is not prepared to risk their reputation. And that’s totally fair.

Customers expect Amazon to deliver orders at their doorsteps. A buy Kratom Amazon request turned down only because of the shipment constraint can turn away a customer, which they don’t want.

What’s the Best Alternative to Buy Kratom Amazon

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With Amazon not wanting to sell or deliver Kratom, you’ve got loads of vendors – downright Kratom vendors – who can do the job with the same zeal and zest.

For instance, Kratom Source USA is the one stop shop for a multitude of Kratom subspecies, including the famous Bali Kratom, Borneo Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, and whatnot. With that, you’ve got plenty of choices in Kratom colors, Kratom Capsules, and enhanced forms.


Kratom Source USA is the best alternative to buy Kratom Amazon. We are the legit, most popular vendors known for fast delivery and cheap Kratom online. On top of that, you don’t have to compromise on quality, never!

Whatsmore? Besides FAQs and reviews, you can go through the latest updates and familiarize yourself with Kratom through our Kratom Blog.

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