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If you are new to Kratom, you may find Kratom confusing. And why is that? Simply because of the options you have, from different types of Kratom strains to vein colors and product forms, it is hard to choose which strain or vein color to buy first. This is where a free Kratom sample comes in handy.

Do you know there are almost two dozen Kratom strains out there to choose from?

In addition, there are between one to five vein colors for each strain?

Next, you have to decide if you want to buy Kratom in powderKratom capsules, liquid, or Kratom extract form?

Confusing, isn’t it? And we understand that it may take a lot of time, effort, and of course money, to explore all these options before settling for your favorite strain or vein color. A quicker alternative to this is the use of Kratom sample packs, and if they are free Kratom samples, it is even better.

So, is it possible to find some? And if yes, where to find them? Is there any benefit of these free samples? Do they make sense to Kratom buyers?

We will find all the answers in this article, so keep reading.

When Free Kratom Samples Make Sense?

Free Kratom samples not only provide you with an inexpensive way to explore different Kratom strains and vein colors but also helps you decide between different vendors.

Keep in mind; there has been an explosive rise in the demand for Kratom in the US. Out of all the imports to the world from Southeast Asia, the US share makes almost one-third. This quick rise also gave rise to hundreds of new Kratom vendors entering the market.

Unfortunately, some are only there to take advantage of the high demand. The free Kratom samples come in handy to identify between bad and good options if you want to buy Kratom.

This way, you can use free samples before deciding about a permanent and reliable source. Make sure you’re always getting fresh Kratom, as you can find on Kratom Source USA.

Free Kratom Samples: Are They Available?

Even though you can buy Kratom from your local shops and online stores, it is almost impossible to find free samples of Kratom at your local gas station or head shop, as they mostly offer you brand products, like OPMS.

However, these come with some conditions. For example, some Kratom vendors may offer you free Kratom samples after you buy a certain amount of Kratom, or subscribe to their mailing list, or something like that.

So, yes, even though very rare, a free Kratom sample is still a possibility.

Free Kratom Sample: Where to Find?

Even though you can buy Kratom from your local shops as well as online stores, it is near to impossible to find free Kratom samples at your local gas station or head shop, as they mostly offer you brand products, like OPMS.

On the other hand, there is a good possibility of finding free samples in online stores due to the increasing competition among Kratom vendors. This leads to discounts and special offers, as every online store wants to give something extra to customers to retain buyers.

For example, you can find free samples on Kraoma. This online store allows you to choose from two different Kratom strains, like Green Bali KratomRed Borneo Kratom, and many more. As a free sample, the store is willing to send you two strains of your choice, 10g each. However, you’ve to pay for the handling and delivery charges, which are $4.99.

Several other options offer you free samples, from almost all online stores. However, in all cases, you have to pay for the delivery and handling fee. So it is important to see how much you are getting for the price you are paying for delivery. Like if you are paying $20 in delivery fee for a 10g of free Kratom, it doesn’t make any sense.

Things to Keep in Mind

Just like most things in the world, Kratom also has a shelf life. Make sure you are getting a good quality, and it’s not just old or damp Kratom from an online store.

Similarly, make sure the vendor is reputable and will not run away with your handling and delivery fee in the name of free samples.

Final Words

Free Kratom samples are free but still available on online stores, but there is a condition attached in almost all cases. Like you may get a free sample after you make a certain purchase, or can get a sample in some kind of combo package.

Even when you can find a free sample without any conditions, you have to pay for the handling and shipping charges. Want to read more interesting articles about Kratom? Check out our Kratom blog.


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