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Have you ever heard of the Gold Kratom color? It’s okay if you haven’t because only a handful of Kratom experts know about the existence of this unique Kratom color! This color is very rare, which makes it highly sought after in the kratom industry. What makes this vein color so special and what varieties are available? We will discuss this rarity and why it is not like other vein colors.

Basics to Know About Kratom

Before we talk in-depth about the different Kratom colors including Gold Kratom, let’s discuss a few Kratom basics:

  • Kratom is a botanical herb that often goes by the name of ‘Ketum’, ‘Kraton’, and so on.
  • This herb, regardless of what you choose to call it, is obtained from the Kratom trees, scientifically known as ‘Mitragyna speciosa’.
  • These trees are found in the Southeast Asian regions of the world such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and so on.
  • The temperatures available in these regions are hot and humid and these are perfect for the growth of high-quality Kratom.
  • The primary ingredients of Kratom, its alkaloids, exist in the leaves of the Kratom trees.
  • These leaves are known to change color as they grow mature.
  • Each color, such as Gold Kratom, is known to provide a unique alkaloid profile.

An Overview of the Different Kratom Colors

Now that you’re aware of the existence of different Kratom colors, let’s talk about these colors. The veins of the Kratom leaf are where these colors can be spotted and the following colors are available:

White Kratom:

Known as one of the primary Kratom colors, the White Kratom color is the first color the veins of the Kratom leaves develop when they grow. This color is known to provide low percentages of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine and this makes it unique from the other colors.

Keep in mind that just because White Kratom is offering a lower percentage of alkaloids, it does not mean that it’s any less special. These unique alkaloid concentration levels are exactly what some Kratom buyers are searching for and this makes White Kratom one of the most demanded colors.

Green Kratom:

The second Kratom color the leaves develop is known as Green vein Kratom. This color is known as the middle child of the Kratom color family. It provides a balanced concentration of alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine and this makes this color very high in demand.

Many in the Kratom world have even gone on to call this color the best available Kratom color!

Red Kratom:

Next in line, we have Red vein Kratom. Known as the most mature primary Kratom color available, Red Vein Kratom offers the highest concentration of Kratom alkaloids. This makes this color a favorite among kratom enthusiasts.

Gold Kratom:

Finally, we have Gold Kratom! This is a special Kratom color because it isn’t obtained in the Kratom leaves’ natural habitat. Instead, Gold Kratom can only be obtained in the processing phase through a unique sun-drying process of the Red Kratom leaves of a particular Kratom strain.

Thanks to this process, Gold Kratom varieties develop a unique concentration of Kratom alkaloids and are hence one of the most popular Kratom colors.

What Kratom Varieties Are Available In The Gold Kratom Category?

Wondering what Kratom varieties you can find in the Gold Kratom category? Well, the first thing you should know is that not all Kratom suppliers provide this Kratom color! You’ll have to find an authentic provider that offers Gold Kratom varieties (such as us at Kratom Source USA). Otherwise, you may run the risk of buying faulty Kratom!


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