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Despite being a veteran Kratom enthusiast, you can still get scammed when you buy Kratom online. Judging from this, it’s painful to imagine the confusion new enthusiasts encounter when finding the best place to buy Kratom.

Along with finding a place that sells high-quality Kratom, enthusiasts also have to ensure that the prices are easy on the pocket. Additionally, the vendor must have your favorite Kratom colors or Kratom capsules in stock.

To know all this information about any seller, you must read vendor reviews about them. Today, we’ll talk about Happy Hippo Kratom and how happy purchasing from the seller can actually make you.

Happy Hippo Kratom Review happy hippo kratom for sale

Happy Hippo Kratom is a US-based Kratom seller based in Boise, Idaho. While other vendors are popular for their lower prices, Happy Hippo is in Kratom news & updates for its higher price range.

Don’t be put off by the vendor too quickly because they have a pretty valid reason for the higher price point. That’s probably why so many customers are switching to Happy Hippo Kratom.

Happy Hippo does not directly import the Kratom powder from its source country. Yes, the products still come from Indonesia, but Happy Hippo does not import it directly.

Instead, there’s a third-party US importer that imports Kratom from Indonesia. Then, the products are tested in a Michigan-based lab for the presence of Salmonella and other pathogens.

After sterilization, the labs send these products to Happy Hippo Kratom. Since there are a middleman and a lab involved, the prices understandably go up.

Another reason for the prices being high is that Happy Hippo Kratom is a GMP-compliant seller from the American Kratom Association. AKA approval is a clear sign that a vendor is trustworthy, and their products are of high quality.

Happy Hippo Product Range

Keeping in line with the company’s quirky branding, all products from Happy Hippo have interesting names. For example, the yellow Vietnam powder is called Wild Golden Hippo.

Likewise, Green Maeng Da is Hyper Hippo at Happy Hippo Kratom. Here are a few common Kratom strains that you’ll find in the store:Happy Hippo Kratom for sale

  • Green vein Thai
  • Green Sundanese
  • Red Maeng da
  • White Maeng da
  • Gold Maeng da
  • Diamon Malay
  • Ruby Red Thai

The seller stocks 30 Kratom strains, available in different colors. You can also buy Kratom capsules from Happy Hippo Kratom, but they’re only available for two strains: green Maeng da and White Maeng da.

As you can see, Happy Hippo Kratom does not have a huge range of Kratom capsules. If you like the encapsulated Kratom form more than Kratom powder, you’ll find a ton of options at Kratom Source USA.

Along with these common strains, Happy Hippo Kratom also has options for newbies. New enthusiasts can buy a starter pack for $25 or sample packs for $10, based on their preferences.

These packs are a great way to get familiar with new strains and colors without buying in larger amounts.

Happy Hippo Kratom Priceshappy hippo kratom review online

As discussed above, the prices at Happy Hippo Kratom are a bit higher. The capsules start at $20 and go higher depending on the amount you buy.

The prices for Kratom powder differ according to the uniqueness of the strains. While common strains start at $12, rarer Kratom strains are priced at $14 per ounce. Here are the prices for Red Maeng da Kratom powder:

  • 1 oz: $13
  • 4 oz: $49
  • 500 grams: $160  (In comparison, you can find the same amount of the same Kratom strain for $74.99 on Kratom Source USA)
  • Kratom kilo pack: $260

These figures should give you a rough idea about the overall prices at Happy Hippo Kratom. Although some customers feel that the prices are high, we’d say that they are still comparable to a few high-end vendors in the Kratom market.

Customer Feedback About Happy Hippo Kratom buy happy hippo kratom

Customers are happy with Happy Hippo Kratom, especially their shipping service. They offer 2-day shipping on all orders of $100 or above. If you buy Kratom worth $150, they give next-day shipping for free.

However, customers who wanted to buy bulk Kratom were disappointed at the lack of wholesale Kratom at Happy Hippo Kratom. If you want to buy Kratom wholesale, head over to Kratom Source USA as we specialize in bulk sales.

How to Contact Happy Hippo Kratom

You can contact Happy Hippo Kratom by email. If it’s a query about your order, make sure to write the order number in the email.

Final Verdict

From this detailed review, it’s evident that Happy Hippo Kratom is a reliable and safe option for buying Kratom. If they increase their capsules range and offer bulk purchases, customers won’t have much to complain about.

For now, you can fulfill your Kratom needs by going to our websites and searching for your favorite strains and colors. We will ship your order the same day to ensure it reaches you in time. Feel free to follow our Kratom blog for more informative articles and reviews.

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