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Hill Country Kratom is a small yet decent quality kratom store that has been around for several years now. However, this kratom brand has had a tough time fitting in an often not so forgiving industry where the competition is extremely high. This kratom vendor has survived through it all and is still going strong to this day, despite being a small store.

Today, many kratom enthusiasts wonder when Hill Country Kratom products are worth their money or not. In specific, long-time kratom enthusiasts who have seen the struggles of this store ask this question.

In this article, we will review this kratom vendor in detail. We will talk about its quality, product range, and prices. We shall also discuss some alternative options that you might be interested in.

What is Hill Country Kratom?

Hill Country Kratom is a store that has strong ties with some Indonesian farms. This kratom vendor has vowed to help farmers in Indonesia. So, this vendor buys all its kratom products from some specific farms and donates money to locals in the region. Indeed, giving back to the community is a great thing. And this is something that all kratom enthusiasts appreciate this store for.

However, when it comes to buying kratom products, there is just one thing that people mostly care about. And that is the quality of the products and the price. People who buy kratom typically do not care about the charities, events, and other activities that a brand does.

To learn about Hill Country kratom products and prices, continue reading the next section.

Hill Country Kratom Products

The Hill Country Kratom store does not only sell Kratom but other herbs too. So, one could say that this is not a specialty store. Also, they have a limited range of kratom products. At the time of this writing, Hill Country Kratom offers two products mainly.

These include the Super Green Borneo kratom and the Kali Red Vein kratom. Both are all leaf powders, which means that they do not contain the stem. Of course, this is a trait of high-quality kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) products. But the limited variety of this store might put some kratom buyers off.

For as long as you are looking for these varieties in specific, the Hill Country Kratom store can offer you a high value in terms of quality. Indeed, their kratom is top-notch, according to buyers in various kratom forums.

Hill Country Kratom Prices

Hill Country Kratom offers two types of packs. First, you have the ¼ lb. pack which will cost $45. Hence, their products are not cheap at all. Many kratom buyers may not be able to afford it. Though, some kratom buyers are loyal to this brand and do not hesitate to pay a high price.

The other option is a ½ lb. pack. This pack costs $70. This is relatively cheaper than the ¼ lb. pack. Under normal circumstances, if you were to buy two ¼ lb. packs, you would pay a total of $90 ($45 + $45). However, buying a single ½ lb. pack gives you the same amount of kratom but at $70, which means that you get a discount of $20.

Such offers are quite common in all kratom stores. For instance, if you visit our store, Kratom Source USA, you will notice that we too offer incredible discounts. We have a more comprehensive range of kratom products with multiple weight options. Of course, the bigger your purchase is, the more you will save on our products. And our kratom strains are incredibly affordable despite having a very high quality.


Overall, the Hill Country Kratom store is decent enough with high-quality kratom products. But the range is quite limited. Their high price is yet another thing that buyers are concerned about. In comparison, our store, Kratom Source USA offers the highest-end Mitragyna Speciosa products in the US at very affordable prices.

We make top-notch kratom accessible to you without poking a hole in your wallet. After all, we believe that everybody deserves good quality regardless of their budget. So, we remove that limitation for you.

To read more about various kratom products, strains, and brands, do not forget to read the other articles in our kratom blog. At the same time, if you want to buy our products, just head to our website and choose your preferred category.

After placing your order, just sit back and relax. We do the rest and deliver you the kratom products in no time, directly to your doorstep.


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