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Kratom has been a buzzword since 2016 when the DEA announced that it was withdrawing its intent to put a temporary Kratom ban. Since then, the popularity of Kratom has risen consistently – gaining more acceptance within the US and the world over.

Nevertheless, big businesses are still aiming to place a nationwide ban on kratom. But will that be possible? Given the fact that the kratom community has now become stronger than ever, a complete ban may not be possible. Still, one cannot say what the future of kratom will be like with full certainty.

If you have recently started exploring kratom strains and products, you may wonder why does the DEA want to place a kratom ban anyway?

Why Does the DEA Want to Place a Ban on Kratom?

The main aim of DEA and FDA is to place Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine on the schedule-I substance list. These two components are dominantly present in kratom leaves. So, the ban on these alkaloids will also result in a ban on kratom capsules, powder, and a whole range of other products.

If you think of it, Kratom is an herb that comes from Mitragyna Speciosa plants. And Kratom products are manufactured using natural methods, without any synthetic additions. So, it does not make sense to classify it under synthetic substances.

As for the big medical businesses, they simply do not want you to buy kratom because of their vested interests. As a result of this, there is a sea of false facts and misinformation about kratom on the internet. Hence, we advise you to always follow authentic sources.

Kratom Ban Update: Kratom USA

To start with, Kratom is a legal herb at the federal level. You can easily buy Kratom in the US from your local stores as well as from hundreds of online options. In most online stores, you can find a wide range of Kratom strains available in popular product forms like Kratom capsules and Kratom powder.

However, Kratom laws vary from state to state, so you need to keep an eye on the Kratom ban update if you frequently travel between states.

States Where Kratom is Banned

Kratom is currently banned in six US states. These states include Wisconsin, Vermont, Rhode Island, Alabama, Indiana, and Arkansas. Out of these, NGOs like the American Kratom Association and other Advocacy groups are trying hard to overturn the ban in Alabama, Arkansas, and Indiana.

In Rhode Island and Vermont, there is pending legislation that, if passed, will legalize Kratom in these states.

States with Pending Legislations

Next, there are several states out there where Kratom is legal, but with pending legislation for both regulating Kratom and banning Kratom.

There is pending legislation to regulate Kratom in Oregon, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, and New York. In New York, multiple past attempts to make Kratom illegal failed. There is another pending legislation in New York that will limit the sale of Kratom to that are 21 or older.

In Hawaii, there is pending legislation to make Kratom a Schedule V drug.

In Mississippi, there is pending legislation to include Kratom in a list of schedule I drugs. Kratom is also banned in more than a dozen cities and counties in Mississippi.

In most of the other states, Kratom is legal, but in some states, there are a few cities and counties where it is banned. These include California, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, and New Hampshire.

Even though there is a consistent effort by the DEA and FDA to ban Kratom in different states and even at the federal level, there is no immediate threat of such a ban.

There is an equally consistent resistance by Kratom enthusiasts, advocacy groups, NGOs, and associations like American Kratom Association to not only keep Kratom legal in the country but also overturn the ban in the states and cities where Kratom is made illegal.

Is Kratom Fully Natural?

Yes, Kratom is a fully natural herb that is grown very commonly in Southeast Asia. This herb is not the latest discovery. Rather, it is known to the locals of Southeast Asia for centuries.

Take the example of Indonesia. Here, Kratom was an important part of religious and cultural festivals during the middle ages. Before every important event, farmers here picked high-quality kratom leaves. So, Kratom is an important part of this region’s past.

Authentic kratom products do not contain any additions. At our store, ‘Kratom Source USA’, all of our kratom for sale is 100% authentic. We procure our Kratom directly from exclusive farms in Southeast Asia. These farms employ natural methods of preparation and secure packaging.

Hence, our kratom products are fully natural.

Future of Kratom Ban

On one hand, kratom advocates are working day and night to spread awareness about kratom. But on the other hand, the DEA and medical businesses are not ready to give up. Hence, the exact future of kratom is not clear enough.

But based on the current situation, we can easily draw some conclusions. First of all, the kratom community is stronger than ever today. Hence if another kratom ban is set in place, DEA may again face a reaction from the public. This reaction may be much bigger than what the DEA faced in 2016. This is because the kratom community is bigger and more committed than ever before.

Along with that, hundreds and thousands of Kratom stores are coming up all over the country. Currently, more than 10,000 kratom vendors are active in the US. If we count the smoke shops and pawn shops where kratom is available, this number may be far higher. And it is only expected to further increase in the coming years.

As a result of this, a nationwide ban on Kratom may not be easy to enforce and is not likely to happen. Still, some of the states have placed state-level restrictions and kratom ban in their respective states.

So, despite being legal on the federal level, Kratom is illegal in some states. These include Alabama, Indiana, Vermont, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Arkansas.

In other states, it is legal but under certain conditions. So, we advise you to check the kratom legal status in your state and city before you buy kratom.

Where to Follow News About Kratom Ban Update

One of the best sources to keep a check on the Kratom ban update is the American Kratom Association’s website. The AKA is the largest Kratom association in the country, with hundreds of thousands of members. It not only keeps Kratom enthusiasts updated about all the legal happenings around Kratom but also fights legal battles with DEA and FDA to keep Kratom available for American buyers.

In addition, you can also follow our Kratom blog as we update Kratom-related news articles regularly. Other than that, you can also become part of different Kratom forums and discussion platforms, like Reddit Kratom.

Our Contributions

At ‘Kratom Source USA’, we aim to increase the accessibility of high-quality Kratom. We believe that one should not have to buy an unrealistically high amount of money to get authentic kratom. Hence, we contribute positively to the industry by selling 100% authentic kratom products at a very affordable price.

Also, note that our kratom products are not ordinary. We obtain them from the best farms in Southeast Asia. Hence, they carry very high quality and freshness. Overall, our products provide you with the highest value in the long run.



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