Are you new to the world of Kratom? If yes, then we suggest you learn about the kratom leaf first before you go and buy kratom. After all, the more you know about something, the better your buying decisions will be, and the same principle also applies to kratom.

The Kratom world is a vast one! There is a large variety of kratom strains coupled with different kratom colors. With that, you can also find a large range of products including powder, capsules, extracts, soaps, candles, and different accessories.

So, it is extremely important to know what you are looking for, whether it is the Red Bali Kratom, Indo Kratom, or perhaps another strain. The Kratom Leaf has many properties. These vary among different varieties, while others are common in all.

In this article, we talk about the most important facts about the Kratom leaf that you should know. Our main goal here is to enhance your knowledge of kratom and to set you on the right track.

Transformation in the Kratom Leaf

One of the most interesting things about the Kratom leaf is that it undergoes different transformations throughout its lifecycle.

First, it starts with white-colored veins and stems. This is the youngest phase of kratom when the alkaloid content is significantly lower. Soon, the veins and stems turn green, which is an intermediate phase in which the alkaloid content is relatively higher.

Finally, the veins and stem turn Red. At this point, the kratom leaf is said to have the highest maturity with a high percentage of alkaloids.

Farmers harvest these leaves at different stages of their maturity, to create different kratom products.

Rich in Alkaloids

The Kratom Leaf comes from the kratom plant, which is rich in alkaloids. The two most important alkaloids present in the kratom leaf are Mitragynine and 7-HMG. But that is not all. Apart from these two alkaloids, scientists have also discovered 25 additional ones.

However, in comparison to 7-HMG and Mitragynine, other substances are present in very trace amounts. So, the alkaloids are mostly responsible for the properties of Kratom. Still, the minute quantities of other alkaloids may also play a subtle role in the properties.

Many Different Products

Kratom experts can obtain a wide range of products from the Kratom leaf. For instance, kratom capsules and powder are the two most popular products that come from these leaves.

The process of making capsules and powder is rather straightforward. First, the farmers carefully choose the best quality kratom leaves from the trees. Then, they bring these leaves to the drying rooms where they go in racks.

Here, the leaves remain in a controlled environment and dry up over 10 days. Finally, after 10 days, the leaves go into crushing machines that turn the dry leaves into a fine powder.

Depending on the requirements, stores can sell this powder as a standalone item or fill it inside natural capsule shells.

Different Sizes

Another interesting trait about the kratom leaf is that it comes in different sizes. These range from small leaves to larger ones. Typically, the kratom high canopy leaves tend to be larger. These leaves exist on the top part of the tree that receives the highest amount of sunlight and oxygen.

Similarly, the size of the kratom leaf also varies among different strains. For instance, the Indo Elephant Kratom strain tends to have slightly larger leaves than other varieties.

Kratom Leaf Effects on the Economy

Now you may also be wondering, ‘what does kratom do to the local economy?’ Well indeed, the kratom leaf affects the local economy in many ways. For instance, new stores that sell kratom leaves are popping up everywhere. These stores are also creating employment opportunities for people in the US.

Similarly, in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries, the trade of kratom leaf products brings significant profits to local farmers. The profitable trade is one of the major reasons why Kratom in Indonesia is legal for exports but restricted locally.


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