Hulu Kapuas

Hulu Kapuas Kratom is a strain that is high in demand and avidly sold in stores that offer kratom for sale in the US. Note that this is not a regular kratom strain. Rather, it is a special variety of kratom that is obtained from alongside the riverbanks of the Kapuas River in Indonesia.

In this variation, kratom leaves of the highest quality are harvested from trees. While this might sound simple, the harvesting of Hulu Kapuas kratom is not that easy. There are many reasons for this. The terrains that lead to these special trees are not easy to tread. This means that only the most experienced and expert local farmers are able to pinpoint the location of high-quality trees.

Once the trees have been marked, farmers scan through the entire plant to choose the best quality leaves only. At the same time, the lower-end leaves are discarded. Of course, the harvesting is based on the kratom colors that are required.

This makes the Hulu Kapuas kratom extremely unique and scarce, after all, it is grown in a very limited region. Due to this reason, a big number of devoted enthusiasts who buy kratom regularly are willing to pay top dollar for this variety. Now you may wonder, what is so special about the Hulu Kapuas kratom? Well, the soil in this region is extremely rich in nutrients that kratom trees require for proper growth. With that, the environmental conditions are also optimal with just the right temperature and humidity levels.

Since this variation of kratom grows in Indonesia, it may come under the umbrella term of Indo Kratom strains.

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