Since these Islands come under the territory of 4 different countries, they offer a unique mix of environmental conditions. These result in a very distinct kratom strain that grows naturally throughout the region.

Taking advantage of these perfect conditioners, farmers have set up a wide range of farms in the Sunda Islands. These farms produce high-end powder and kratom capsules under several kratom color classifications.

These color classifications result in distinct properties, as they directly depend on the leaf’s maturity. For instance, Red vein leaves are highly mature. And hence, they carry richer properties in comparison to the younger leaves.

Sunda Kratom is popular for having a very balanced composition of alkaloids. A major part of its composition includes Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. With that, trace amounts of other alkaloids are also present. However, these alkaloids do not contribute significantly to their properties.

Overall, the properties of this Kratom strain are rather subtle. Hence, a big number of new kratom enthusiasts who are looking to buy kratom prefer it over other varieties. However, this does not mean that this strain is not in demand by long-time kratom connoisseurs.

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