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Green Vietnam Powder


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If you’re in the mood for a kratom strain that offers you a unique set of alkaloids while providing you with something different, then Green Vietnam may be the strain for you. This strain offers an array of robust alkaloids that makes this uncommon kratom a favorite. 

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Green Vietnam Kratom- Strain Overview

Green Vietnam Kratom is grown and harvested in the densely forested regions of Vietnam. This country in Southeast Asia offers a warm and humid environment with lots of rain that lets the kratom trees thrive throughout the year. The nutrient-dense soil lets the trees grow all year to produce rich kratom leaves. Kratom trees can be found growing across the country, but are mainly located on large plantations or farms where skilled farmers and workers can care for the trees and assist with quality ad consistency control. 

Green Vietnam uses green-veined kratom leaves to develop this strain. Green-veined kratom is harvested halfway through its growth, after the vein down the middle has shifted from a whitish color to a bright green. This green color is an external indicator of the medium alkaloid contents within the leaves. There are over 20 alkaloids within kratom leaves. The primary two pieces which give kratom products their popularity are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The alkaloids within the kratom leaves determine the potency of the leaves. Green-veined kratom is considered to be a medium potency compared to White Vietnam or Red Vietnam. 

After the leaves have reached their desired vein color, they are harvested and washed by hand. The leaves are then moved indoors to finish the drying process on racks. By placing the leaves indoors, they are shielded from further changes in their profile that would come from the direct sunlight or temperature variations. The leaves can then fully dry and are placed into sealed containers for shipment to our facilities. 

What is Green Vietnam Kratom?

Green Vietnam Kratom offers a smooth and robust alkaloid profile that is in-between between red and white. The balanced profile offers the kratom world an enjoyable strain that contains the best features of the green-veined kratoms and the distinct characteristics of Vietnam. 

Why Purchase from Kratom Source USA?

Kratom Source USA is a trusted vendor in the kratom world. We have spent years building trust with the kratom community and have built a reputation for providing kratom that is safe, pure, and fresh. We receive our kratom leaves fresh from the farm in airtight, sealed containers. This eliminates the need for any added preservatives in the products. We then test the leaves to ensure they are free of pesticides, chemical additives, and chemical additives. This leaves you with kratom that is 100% pure and fresh. 

Kratom Source USA has an outstanding customer service team that works to uphold our 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are available before and after the order process so that you have the support you ended. If you need assistance after your order, we also offer a 30-day return period on unused kratom that is returned in its original packaging. 

Buying Green Vietnam

Green Vietnam kratom is considered a specialty strain and isn’t offered by all vendors. Kratom from Vietnam is difficult to obtain due to the limited areas where it can be grown and the expertise needed to grow the strain on the island. Kratom Source USA works with the kratom farmers who have spent generations mastering how to grow the trees. We can keep this strain and many others in a variety of sizes to choose from. 

Whether you are buying larger, bulk sizes, or something individual, we have different options for you. We offer our Green Vietnam Kratom Capsules in 100, 250, 500, or 1000 count capsules. Our capsules are size 00 and contain 1 gram of kratom powder in each. This exact dosing takes away the need for you to measure out powers and gives you the portability for your products. 

Similar Strains

Green Vietnam is a unique strain that is difficult to replace. No other strains of kratom come from the region and thus, it has one-of-a-kind regional traits. If you are looking for other strains to enjoy, these strains may be a great choice for you. 

Green Indo

Green Indo kratom is made from green vein-ed kratom leaves that are harvested in Indonesia. As this strain also uses green-veined kratom, it has similar alkaloid contents to Green Vietnam while offering distinct traits from Indonesia as well. 

Vietnam Kratom

Vietnam kratom is also available in the other two natural vein colors of red and white. These strains offer a similar experience to Green Vietnam but offer different contents of alkaloids based on the length of time they matured. Vietnam kratom is also available in the specialized Yellow Vietnam where extended drying time sauce increased potency and a yellowish color. 

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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