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Red Bali Kratom Powder

Red Bali is a famous kratom strain that is relatively easier to grow for the farmers hence abundantly found. Apart from growing rapidly, the leaves of this strain are usually bigger in size as compared to other Mitragyna Speciosa varieties.

All Kratom is understood by its alkaloid composition and concentration. Our kratom also has a very curious blend of alkaloids, actually more than 25 of them, which makes it famous. Without exception, the soil composition of the region where the kratom is grown has an impact on the molecular structure of the kratom. Therefore it is pertinent to understand where your Kratom is coming from actually.

The name, Red Bali Kratom, suggests that it is grown and harvested in Bali, a province in Indonesia. However, the researchers disagree regarding its origin and etymology. While some of them argue that it comes from the volcanic mineral-rich soils of Bali, others opine that this product comes from a hybrid mix of Borneo and Sumatra Kratom strains. Bali was in fact used as a mercantile port from where the strain was used to be loaded onto the cargo ships.

The Red Bali Kratom is obtained from the oldest, most mature leaves which are the richest in their alkaloid concentrations. Our kratom is extracted from leaves, without including the stems and veins in the crushing process. This is a time-consuming process that is carried out to enhance the quality of the final product as the stems and veins do not have the same alkaloid concentrations as the leaves.

Irrespective of the origin, it is the quality of Red Bali Kratom which matters the most to the kratom users. This is the only reason why we strictly source our product only from the growers and farmers, not the retailers. They are the best in the business and their Kratom is much high in demand. But not all manufacturers can get their hands on it. That is why we always recommend the Kratom users to only go for the “authentic and original” Kratom experience.

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