Red Horn Powder


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Red Horn Powder

Are you a fan of the Horned Kratom? This kratom strain grows very avidly in the lush-green rainforests of Borneo. It is considered to be a genetically mutated strain, which is also extremely popular among kratom enthusiasts. To meet with the high demand, Kratom Source USA is selling the highest quality Red Horn Powder.

Horned Kratom features horn-like structures along the edge of the leaf. These structures are not present on regular kratom leaves and are a result of a slight genetic mutation. But are the differences limited to the appearance only? Experts say, no!

According to kratom experts, Horned Kratom has a very distinct composition of alkaloids. Overall, this composition is quite balanced. That combined with the unique properties of mature Red Kratom leaves simply makes the Red Horn Powder highly favorable (provided that it is authentic).

Unfortunately, due to its high demand, a big number of stores do not sell authentic Red Horn Powder. Hence, we suggest you always buy from reliable sources only.

The Red Horn Powder is also a popular choice to be encapsulated in natural capsule shells, to make kratom capsules. A precisely measured amount of powder is filled inside each capsule.

Salient Features of Our Red Horn Powder:

  • Manufactured with great quality control
  • 100% authentic Red Horn Kratom
  • Unmatched quality
  • Great affordability
  • All-natural product
  • Fast deliver

Since we at ‘Kratom Source USA’ directly import our kratom for sale from Southeast Asia, all our products are 100% authentic. Furthermore, these products come from the best farms in this region.

Despite the unmatched quality and full guarantee for genuineness, we sell this Red Horn Powder at a very competitive price. So, if you are a kratom enthusiast who wants to buy kratom of high quality at an affordable price, you’re at the right place.

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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