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Red Vietnam Powder


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Red Vietnam kratom powder is a popular strain of kratom that is rare due to the limited growing location in Vietnam. It offers a potent and rich alkaloid profile which makes it very sought after. This is considered a specialty strain as it requires highly skilled farmers to grow and harvest the leaves. Despite its rarity, this strain has been growing in popularity as more users try and love the strain. 

Red Vietnam Kratom- Strain Overview

Red Vietnam kratom is grown in Vietnam in Southeast Asia. This region has limited growing locations which makes it rarer while also providing a perfect climate for the trees to grow. This strain uses red-veined kratom leaves. These are the most mature of the kratom leaves and have the highest levels of alkaloids present within the leaves. 

These leaves have a diverse profile of over 20 alkaloids, but the primary components of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the main pieces that make the kratom products so popular. Once these leaves are picked at peak maturity, they are placed to hang dry in temperature-controlled environments indoors to prevent changes to the alkaloids and chemical composition before being packed in airtight containers and shipped to processing facilities to turn them into the kratom powders. 

What is Red Vietnam Kratom?

Kratom strains get their names from the vein of kratom leaves used and the harvest location. Red Vietnam uses a red-veined kratom which is harvested at peak maturity. At this stage in their growth, the vein down the middle of the leaves has turned to a reddish color. This shows that the leaves have hit their most mature point and have the highest content of alkaloids within the leaves. 

The leaves for this strain are grown on plantations in Vietnam. While the kratom trees can be found in the wild, the trees are mainly grown and harvested on plantations, This helps to ensure consistency in the trees and assist with high-quality kratom leaves. The plantations in Vietnam are known to have nutrient-rich soil from tropical climates. There is a warm-weather climate with frequent rainfall and high humidity that allows the trees to flourish in their ideal environment. 

Why Purchase from Kratom Source USA?

Kratom Source USA works closely with the local farmers who tend the groves of kratom trees to ensure that we receive only the highest quality leaves. Our farmers pick only the best leaves which are shipped to our processing centers in airtight containers. This helps to preserve the leaves’ freshness. Once the leaves arrive, we perform in-house testing on the leaves to make sure they weren’t exposed to pesticides, chemical additives, or contaminants from transport. 

Our facilities strive and have become an industry leader in customer service. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products to ensure that our customer’s happiness and our kratom products come first in everything that we do. 

Buying Red Vietnam Kratom Powder

Red Vietnam Kratom Powder is a specialty strain that isn’t available through all vendors. This strain has a limited growing location and requires farmers with advanced knowledge to dry and harvest the leaves. For that reason, this is a less common strain despite its growing popularity. Because Kratom Source USA works closely with the local farmers who tend the groves, we can keep this strain in stock. We offer this strain in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs. Whether you are stocking up on a favorite strain or trying something new, we have different quantities for you. 

We offer the Red Vietnam Kratom Powder in 100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, or 1000 gram sizes. 

Similar Strains

Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is a specialty strain of kratom that is made using a specialized grafting technique with red-veined kratom. This strain is known for being especially potent and is one of the most popular strains of kratom available. This strain is a popular choice for those seeking a potent kratom strain and also uses red-veined kratom. 

Vietnam Kratom

Those that enjoy a particular strain of kratom often enjoy the other vein colors of that region. The Vietnam kratom is available in all three natural colors of kratom: white, green, and red while also being available in Yellow which is made using extended drying times. This strain has varying levels of potency that are dependent on the vein color but share similar regional features. 

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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