White Bentuangie Capsules


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White Bentuangie Capsules

Bentuangie kratom is one of the most distinct kratom varieties available in the marketplace today. While it is not a separate kratom strain, Bentuangie Kratom still possesses unique characteristics because of its distinct manufacturing process. This makes our White Bentuangie Capsules one of the most sought-out kratom capsules.

Now you may ask, how are these White Bentuangie Capsules manufactured after all? It all starts at a remote farm in the dense rainforests of Southeast Asia. In these farms, skilled and talented farmers use their generational knowledge to hand-pick the highest quality White Kratom leaves.

These kratom leaves are then dried using the standard procedures that apply to this color (since all kratom colors have a distinct drying procedure). However, the major difference comes next.

After drying, these leaves are not passed straight into crushes and industrial grinders such as in normal circumstances. Rather, the leaves are first fermented in a very controlled environment. This process turns the regular White Vein Kratom leaves into White Bentuangie Kratom.

Finally, the leaves are then passed into industrial grinders that turn it into a very fine and silky-smooth powder. This powder is then filled inside naturally obtained capsule shells, to create the legendary White Bentuangie Capsules.

These capsules are then exported to stores in the US that offer kratom for sale. Our store, Kratom Source USA in specific, imports a big chunk of the White Bentuangie Capsules to meet with the high demand.

Salient features of Our White Bentuangie Capsules:

  • Unmatched quality
  • Filled with 100% authentic White Bentuangie Powder
  • Affordable
  • Packaged Securely
  • Fully fresh

So, don’t wait anymore! Buy Kratom from our store and get the highest value products delivered to you right at your doorstep.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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