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White Vietnam Powder


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As kratom’s popularity grows across the United States, you’ll start to see more strains being offered – especially rare, hard-to-grow strains like White Vietnam. The White Vietnam Kratom Powdered offered by Kratom Source USA is high in demand, but we manage to keep our pricing reasonable so that everyone has a chance to add this amazing kratom strain to their growing collection.

White Vietnam – Strain Summary

White Vietnam Kratom, as you may have guessed, comes from Vietnam. The Mekong River that flows through the country feeds the rich soil there. You can find small kratom farms along the river that specialize in White Vietnam Kratom, which is where we source our kratom from. We work with highly skilled and experienced farmers who have generations of knowledge they use to cultivate and harvest this finicky tree. Why is it finicky? Because it needs a certain pH in the soil to really thrive and to create the alkaloid profile for which it is known. Our small farms understand how delicate these trees are and work with them to ensure they’re healthy and abundant.

The farmers pluck the leaves of the kratom tree by hand when harvesting this type of kratom, which is harvested relatively early in the leaves growing season as a white-veined kratom strain. It is then washed of impurities and dried in climate-controlled environments to help keep the alkaloids intact and preserve them in the leaves. Finally, they are ground into a fine powder, the same powder that is delivered to your doorstep.

White Vietnam – What Is It?

The Mekong River in Vietnam is special. It’s an area of the world where the conditions are just right to produce this type of kratom, which thrives in the nutrient-dense soil and tropical climate of the region. It is thought that the mineral and nutrients give the soil such richness that it creates a one-of-a-kind kratom with an alkaloid balance that cannot be found anywhere else.

As a white-veined kratom, this is one with one of the most robust alkaloid profiles you can find. So, while you may be interested in bringing it into your kratom collection, it’s a kratom best reserved for those with more experience in the kratom world.

Why Buy From Kratom Source USA?

Kratom Source USA is proud to offer many strains of high-quality kratom, including this unique White Vietnam Kratom. We take the quality of the products we offer our customers seriously. To ensure that every strain we offer is only the best, we work closely with farmers in different regions across Southeast Asia to cultivate, harvest, dry, and process the kratom we sell. We are with them at every step of the process to make sure the kratom is treated like we want, and that the final product is as pure and safe as possible.

We also lab test the kratom we sell our customers. Independent third-party labs test our kratom to ensure its purity, quality, and safety. We want to make sure that what we sell is free from containments and nothing but 100% pure kratom.

If you’re unsatisfied with any purchase you make, you have 30 days to return it for a refund. So, rest assured that you can buy our kratom with confidence.

How to Buy White Vietnam Kratom Powder

Kratom Source USA offers our kratom powder in quantities that can suit any lifestyle and budget. Our kratom powder comes in 100, 250, 500, and 1000-gram packages. Each package is processed under the highest quality standards to ensure it reaches your home fresh and free from contaminants.

Similar Strains

You won’t be able to find a kratom powder exactly like White Vietnam, but you can come close with these strains:

White Indo

White Indo is not as robust as White Vietnam, but you may find the balance of its alkaloids gets you close enough. This is a better option for those who may be new to kratom.

White Malay

White Malay is one of the closest strains to White Vietnam you can find. It offers a very similar alkaloid concentration and isn’t one you should pass up.

Are you ready to add White Vietnam Kratom Powder from Kratom Source USA to your collection? Buy some today!

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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