White Vietnam Powder


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White Vietnam Powder

Vietnam Powder is manufactured in a very limited quantity since this Kratom Strain is grown in a smaller portion of land. Belonging to Vietnam, the Vietnam Kratom is sold at a very select number of stores. And it is exclusively available for purchase at Kratom Source USA.

The journey of our White Vietnam Powder is quite an interesting one. First, the kratom trees are grown in a remote farm that is irrigated with canal systems. These canal systems nourish the soil with nutrients required to grow high-quality kratom.

Once the leaves on the plant have reached the desired level of maturity, an experienced farmer inspects the leaves. From among these, the top-quality leaves with white stems and veins are chosen. Apart from this, the Vietnam Kratom powder is also manufactured from other kratom colors.

The next step in the manufacture of Vietnam Powder is drying. These leaves are then placed in an air-conditioned room in the complete absence of light. This is a critical process since it determines the quality of our end product.

Finally, once dried, the leaves are crushed and ground via heavy machinery to produce a very fine White Vietnam Powder. This powder is either encapsulated in all-natural shells to produce kratom capsules, or it is directly packaged securely.

Once packaged, the White Vietnam comes straight to our shelves from where it is readily sold to devoted enthusiasts in the US who regularly buy kratom from us. Each step of this journey is carefully monitored to provide unmatched quality to you!

Salient Features of Our White Vietnam Powder:

  • Produced with high-quality control
  • 100% authentic Vietnam Kratom
  • Made with high-quality White Kratom leaves
  • Packaged perfectly for maximum freshness
  • Quick delivery
  • Affordable

So, place an order for the White Vietnam Powder today and get it delivered to you in no time! If you are looking for other varieties of kratom for sale, scroll through our comprehensive catalog on the website.

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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