Green Horn Powder


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Green Horn Powder

Horned kratom gets its name from the horn-like structures found alongside the leaf’s edge. This spiked shape is considered to be a result of genetic mutation. According to experts, this mutation also results in a variation in the plant’s alkaloid composition. Overall, our Green Horn Powder has a very balanced alkaloid composition which makes it favorable for both new and old kratom enthusiasts.

The two primary components present in this kratom strain are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. However, several (up to 25 additional) alkaloids along with smaller traces of other substances are also present in his Green Horn Powder.

With that, this Green Horn Powder is avidly sold either as it is, or in the form of kratom capsules. To make the capsules, this kratom powder is encapsulated into naturally obtained capsule shells resulting in an all-natural product.

The Green Horn Powder itself is fully natural. It is cultivated and harvested using fully natural means. This makes it organic, and hence, free from any harmful pesticides or fertilizers.

Rather, the rich soil in Borneo Islands naturally aids the growth and sustenance of this kratom variety. Due to its high-quality and unmatched freshness, we take great pride in featuring this Green Horn Powder in our range of kratom for sale.

Salient Features of our Green Horn Powder:

  • Imported directly from thick Borneo rainforests
  • 100% authentic Horned Kratom Powder
  • Affordable
  • Fast deliveries
  • High quality
  • Unmatched freshness

This Green veined Horn Powder comes purely from Green Kratom leaves that feature green veins and stems. This color is indicative of a younger plant, several subtle characteristics. This trait makes it desirable for many kratom enthusiasts, depending on personal preferences.

Whether you are a new kratom enthusiast or a veteran, if you are looking to buy kratom, the Green Horn Powder may be the best choice for you!

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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