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Green Maeng Da Capsules


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If you were to take a poll of some of the most popular kratom strains on the planet, Maeng Da would definitely be at the top of the results. This type of kratom is known almost everywhere as one of the original strains that have rocketed to popularity. Kratom Source USA is happy to provide the highest-quality, pure Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules to our customers. We know you can get this strain just about anywhere, but our quality cannot be beaten.

Green Maeng Da – Strain Summary

Have you ever wondered more about this strain and how it’s made? Well, we’ve got answers for you! As a green strain, it is considered to be a great balance between white-veined and red-veined strains. It is created through a special grafting procedure that helps to increase the alkaloid strength in the leaves. As sort of the Frankenstein of the kratom world, Maeng Da is the result of a grafting procedure that combines different types of kratom plants together to create a whole new strain.

It takes a lot of skill and experience to complete this grafting procedure and the farmers on the plantations that specialize in this strain in Thailand understand it completely. They graft the trees and wait for them to turn into leaf-producing plants, then harvest them leaves about midway through their lifecycle. Once the leaves have been harvested, they are placed in a room that is climate controlled where they will dry before being turned into powder. This is a crucial step that ensures the alkaloids of the leaves are locked in and remain at their full strength. After it’s been powdered, it is placed in all-natural capsules.

Green Maeng Da – What Is It?

You know that this strain is the product of grafting, but that’s not all that defines it. Yes, the grafting technique is a unique thing but where the trees grow adds to its distinctive alkaloid profile. The rich soil in the regions of Thailand where it is grown contributes to its unique alkaloid properties.

Green Maeng Da kratom also has more prevalent active alkaloids than some other strains, making it a very robust strain that is not for those who are new to the world of kratom. In fact, it’s one of the strongest strains of kratom in terms of alkaloids you can buy on the market today.

Why Buy From Kratom Source USA?

Kratom Source USA focuses on the quality of the kratom we sell above all else. We work intimately with farmers across the entire Southeast Asian region to provide quality kratom. Involved in each step of the process, we ensure that the cultivation, picking, and processing of the kratom meets our exacting standards.

We also lab test our kratom to ensure that it’s pure, high in quality, and free from any sort of contaminants. We then package it under strict packaging guidelines to maintain its freshness and quality.

You can buy from Kratom Source USA with confidence because we offer a 30-day return policy on our products. If you’re not happy, simply contact us to initiate a refund of your unopened kratom.

How to Buy Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

We have a variety of quantities available in our kratom capsules that suit each person’s needs as well as their wallets. You can buy 100, 250, 500, or 1000-gram total weight packages of our capsules that come in resealable bags to keep the capsules fresh and clean.

Similar Strains

It may be true that no two strains of kratom are identical, but you can ensure that the strains you choose to add to your collection have similar alkaloid profiles. If you enjoy Green Maeng Da, then keep these kratom strains in mind:

Red Bali

Maeng Da may not be for those new to the world of kratom, but Red Bali is. Plus, it has a great balance of alkaloids that appeal to almost everyone. Not as robust as Maeng Da but with similar properties.

Green Sumatra

This strain is famous for its balance, much like Maeng Da. It’s popular in its own right, however, for providing a very stable alkaloid profile. Definitely a must in any collection.

Add Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules to your collection today by ordering from Kratom Source USA!

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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