White Maeng Da Powder


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White Maeng Da Powder

Strictly speaking, White Maeng Da Powder cannot be classified as a kratom strain on its own. Rather, it is simply a variety of kratom which comes from the highest quality kratom leaves are picked out from the tree. This also implies that these leaves have richer properties with a higher alkaloid composition.

Our White Maeng Da Powder comes from pure White Kratom leaves of the highest quality. It is important to note that the harvesting of Maeng Da Kratom leaves is not as simple as regular kratom varieties.

It takes a lot of experience to distinguish the highest quality kratom leaves from the rest. This is the prime reason why farms that produce the White Maeng Da Powder, often employ highly experienced farmers and kratom experts.

We source this White Maeng Da Powder directly from some of these exclusive farms in Southeast Asia. Hence, you can stay assured that this kratom powder has been manufactured with great quality control and high-production standards.

Another notable trait of our White Maeng Da Powder is that it is quite affordable. Unlike many other stores that have kratom for sale, our goal is to sell high-quality kratom products that most kratom enthusiasts can afford.

This way, we work hard to increase kratom’s accessibility to all! And hence, our products are directly aligned with industry-standard prices despite having superior quality.

Salient Features of our White Maeng Da Powder:

  • Comes from high-quality sources
  • 100% authentic Maeng Da Kratom from Southeast Asia
  • Affordable
  • Securely packaged
  • Unmatched freshness
  • Fast order processing

Now whether you buy kratom capsules or powders, orders for our in-stock products are processed quickly!

So, when you buy kratom at our store, Kratom Source USA, stay assured that you will get your product delivered right at your doorstep, in no time!

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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