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Authentic Kratom is one of the few kratom brands that are still going strong. However, the brand is still yet to reach the level of many already popular brands such as Kratom Source USA.

When the brand first started, it had quite exponential growth. This growth came to a halt for a year due to some negative reviews. Based on reports, the Authentic Kratom brand was quick to overcome all the things that their products lacked.

Today, they sell decent quality kratom products all over the United States (in all the legal states). We suggest you research the kratom policy and regulations in different states before ordering any product (or traveling with kratom).

In this article, we take you through the ins and outs of the Authentic Kratom brand and help you determine whether this brand is right for you.

What is Authentic Kratom?

Authentic Kratom is a Mitragyna Speciosa brand that operates from California. Instead of selling Southeast Asian kratom, this brand also grows its own kratom trees in Southern Florida. However, these trees grow under very controlled environments.

The quality of the artificially grown kratom cannot simply be close to the original Southeast Asian kratom. Of course, with advanced methods and technology, they can get quite close but can never achieve the same composition.

That is because the roots of Mitragyna Speciosa go all the way back to Southeast Asia. This is where kratom originally comes from. Here, the tropical forests offer the perfect conditions such as humidity, temperature, and amount of rainfall. At the same time, the soil is quite fertile too.

Growing Kratom in other areas of the world is quite a challenge. And since the seeds of kratom trees are naturally well-suited for tropical climates, growing them in the US will not yield the same quality.

Yet, Authentic Kratom aims to achieve that. However, strictly speaking, any kratom product that comes from plants grown outside Southeast Asia would not be authentic.

Are Their Products Worth It?

Since Authentic Kratom produces its kratom powder, capsules, and other products from locally grown kratom plants, their quality is just decent. According to buyers, it is certainly not high enough to classify the brand as a top seller.

But on the other hand, the brand maintains a very high level of sanitation and hygiene in its kratom facilities. So, that is a relief for most buyers.

Though, for as long as you buy kratom from direct importers who source their products from the best facilities, you are good to go. Good kratom facilities in Southeast Asia also fully take care of the hygiene aspect.

For instance, we source our kratom capsules from the best farms and factories in the Southeast Asian region. These facilities employ experts and make use of the most advanced machinery. Furthermore, they also conduct proper tests before exporting the products to the US. Once they reach our store, we store them under the ideal storage conditions.

So, if you want the highest quality kratom at a very affordable price, we suggest you buy kratom from our store today.

What About Their Prices?

Unlike other kratom brands, the prices of Authentic Kratom are relatively high. Most buyers who have bought their products say that the quality was not in line with their price. At the price that they paid, the buyers were seemingly expecting something out of the box.

So, their prices might not be fully justified. However, this is subject to change. Perhaps in the future, the brand may lower its prices after seeing the response from the buyers.


Overall, the Authentic Kratom brand is decent and sells actual kratom products. However, the only thing that turns off many buyers is that their products come from locally grown kratom.

All kratom enthusiasts would know that Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) grows the best in a tropical climate. So, growing kratom in the US is a bit of a stretch. However, it is certainly possible with advanced methods. But still, achieving very high quality, in this case, would be very challenging.

Nevertheless, before buying products from any brand, we suggest buyers also conduct some research on their end. It is a good practice to read reviews or to engage with the past buyers of a brand on the internet before finalizing the purchase.


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