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Millions of people are searching for all the information they can get on CBD and Kratom products. If you’re one of these people, you’ve come to the right place! At Kratom Source USA, we provide our customers with detailed information on everything to do with Kratom in our Kratom blog. We also provide a variety of Kratom for sale in different Kratom strains and colors. Today, we’re going to talk about CBD and Kratom.

WHAT IS cbd and kratom

CBD and Kratom are two naturally extracted herbs that have taken the world by storm in recent years! CBD’s popularity sky-rocketed much sooner than Kratom but Kratom isn’t far behind.

As of 2020, it’s reported that over 40% of American buyers purchase CBD products (that’s around 100 million people!).

Kratom, on the other hand, is reported to have more than 15 million regular US buyers in 2019. So, as you can see, CBD products have succeeded in gaining more popularity than Kratom products. But why is this? Let’s find out in this detailed article on CBD and Kratom!

CBD and Kratom – One And The Same?

First of all, we’d like to make it clear that CBD and Kratom are not the same! There’s a small part of the online community that believes these two are the same however they couldn’t be more wrong. Both are completely different natural herbs that are obtained from different plants.

There are some similarities between these two, such as the varieties they are available in, and we will discuss those later in this article.

What Is CBD?

cbd and kratom for sale

Well then, let’s get straight to it! The first step to understanding CBD and Kratom is knowing what these two are. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it’s one of the countless cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant.

This plant is found in abundance across several countries in the northern hemisphere like Central China and the Mediterranean parts of Europe. This cannabis plant contains more than 100 different cannabinoids but the most famous ones are CBD and THC.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is the name given to a botanical that is obtained from the Mitragyna speciosa trees found in Southeast Asian regions of the world. The leaves of these trees are used in the extraction process and are used to source several Kratom strains and Kratom colors.

The two main alkaloids in Kratom are known as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

What Forms are CBD and Kratom Available In?

One major similarity between CBD and Kratom is that they are both available in a variety of forms! Those who want to buy Kratom and CBD will find countless options available. In the case of CBD, the varieties include CBD gummies, vape products, CBD oil, and so on.

In the case of Kratom, customers can find varieties such as Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, and also Liquid Kratom. All these Kratom varieties are available in different Kratom strains and colors as well!

CBD and Kratom – Legality in the US

Another similarity between CBD and Kratom is that they are both majorly legal in the US! In the case of CBD, it’s currently legal in 47 out of 50 US states. The states that have made CBD illegal are Nebraska, Idaho, and South Dakota.

Kratom, on the other hand, is currently legal in 44 out of 50 US states. The six states that have enforced a Kratom ban are:

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island

The reason for CBD and Kratoms varying legal status is that the US possesses both a state and federal level legal system. This system allows each state to make an independent decision regarding substances like Kratom and CBD.

CBD and Kratom – Where Are They Available?buy cbd and kratom

Now that you know all about CBD and Kratom, let’s talk about where they are available. Both Kratom and CBD products can be found with countless local and online vendors. The local vendors include smoke shops, gas stations, pubs and bars, and so on.

The online industries for both these products vary slightly. CBD is the more popular product hence there are more CBD vendors compared to Kratom vendors. However, the number of Kratom vendors is rising as well. Today, there are thousands of both CBD and Kratom vendors online that customers can choose to buy from.

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