how to make kratom extract at home

The term, Kratom Extract, is quite a broad one. After all, it covers many types of products, with varying production and extraction methods. Nevertheless, kratom extracts are incredibly popular due to their unique composition and high quality. Hence, many kratom enthusiasts ask us, how to make kratom extract?

Most of the kratom extracts that are available in the market are extracted in laboratories and special facilities with the help of high-end equipment. But that certainly does not mean that one cannot make kratom extract easily. It depends on the type of kratom extract that you want to make.

In this article, we will teach you how to make kratom extract by discussing various processes that are employed in the industry to produce Kratom extract.

Learn How to Make Kratom Extract?

Kratom Extract is a type of product that contains a higher composition of alkaloids. After studying the evaluation of kratom alkaloids, scientists have figured out that Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are the two main alkaloids present in Kratom.

Kratom extracts also typically focus on the extraction of these two alkaloids. A full spectrum kratom extract would contain all alkaloids, including the 40 additional ones present in Kratom. Though, the composition of other alkaloids is significantly lower.

Making Kratom Tea

The production of kratom tea is the simplest extraction method. Also, this is an easy one and does not require industrial equipment. However, the composition of the alkaloids present in the final product would depend on the steeping time. It can take longer, depending on the required quality.

Overall, kratom tea does not contain a high composition of alkaloids. To make kratom tea, you can combine multiple kratom strains. However, the water should always be below the boiling temperature. That is because boiling water can destroy the alkaloids present in kratom, hence rendering the whole process pointless.

Water-based Extracts

As compared with kratom tea, water-based extracts require a bit more work. However, these extracts have a higher composition of alkaloids. The process begins with dissolving kratom leaves in a mixture of water and ethanol. Sometimes, citric acid is also added as it is a natural preservative.

After the pH of the mixture reaches around 4, the next step is to vigorously shake the mixture. Then, the mixture is placed in a dark room for a maximum of two weeks. The final step involves straining the mixture, followed by evaporation until the volume is half.

Then, the extract is transferred into dark bottles. These bottles are usually small and come with a dropper. Since this is a labor-intensive process, it results in a very high-quality extract. Though, this method does not require any specialized equipment. It is a straightforward method, yet still requires skills. Hence, many factories and kratom facilities use this method to make kratom extract.

Using other, more sophisticated extraction methods, scientists have successfully isolated up to 25 alkaloids present in Kratom.

How to Make Kratom Extract Resins?

Kratom resin extracts are quite different, as they are not fully liquid. Rather, resins are semi-solids, and hence, they have a very high composition. However, making resins is not easy and requires a lot of skills/practice.

Controlling the conditions of the surroundings is the most difficult part of making resins. Hence, this method is mostly employed in kratom laboratories and production facilities. Though, many small-scale factories in Indonesia and surrounding regions have also mastered the art of making kratom resin.

The alkaloid profiles of Mitragyna Speciosa strains vary a lot. Hence, sometimes experts combine several varieties to produce the required composition. Though, this is more common in high-end kratom strains. Low-end varieties typically contain only a single kratom strain.

Enhanced Kratom 

Enhanced Kratom is not a kratom extract specifically. Rather, it is a type of kratom product that is made from kratom extracts. It simply involves mixing kratom powder with kratom extract to create a high composition product. Such products usually have a very high quality and are also packaged more securely to retain that quality. This, of course, raises the price also.


We hope that you now understand how to make kratom extract and the different forms of extracts available on the market. If you want to make your kratom extract, you need to buy the highest quality kratom powder. Low-quality products will not get you anywhere.

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