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What sort of Kratom buyer doesn’t want to stay updated on all the latest Kratom legislation news? Certainly not the loyal type! If you’re a loyal Kratom enthusiast, chances are you’ve already searched the internet for any new updates regarding Kratom legislation news.

Staying up-to-date with Kratom legislation is important in today’s world as there is a lot of misinformation being spread about Kratom. No worries though, we’re here to clear any misunderstandings you have regarding Kratom in our Kratom blog! We provide an extensive range of articles on Kratom in this section and today, we’re going to discuss everything one needs to know about Kratom legislation news. So, let’s get started!

What is Kratom?

You can’t understand Kratom legislation news without knowing what Kratom is. So, it only makes sense to start by talking a little about the Kratom herb. This herb is obtained from the Kratom trees found in the Southeast Asian regions of the world.

In the scientific community, this tree is referred to as ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’. This tree provides leaves with different vein colors and studies have revealed that each vein color provides a unique alkaloid profile! These colors are as follows:

  • Green vein Kratom
  • White vein Kratom
  • Red vein Kratom

Furthermore, the Kratom trees that grow in different regions of Southeast Asia also provide different alkaloid concentrations. This is thanks to varying growing conditions that are available in these specific regions. Kratom enthusiasts can buy rare Kratom strains such as Borneo Kratom or Bali Kratom.

Is There A Legal Controversy Surrounding Kratom?

Yes, Kratom has battled countless legal battles however these battles are mainly due to competitors spreading false information regarding Kratom. They were able to do this as there was a limited understanding of Kratom at the time.

Several herbs have characteristics that are falsely associated with Kratom also. However, as more and more understanding is developed about Kratom among the people, these rumors have started to subside. As more and more countries began to understand Kratom, it started becoming legal for buying, selling, and carrying purposes in many countries.

Kratom legislation News: The Basics

Wondering what the important points of Kratom legislation news are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below are some of the most important points provided in any Kratom legislation:


One of the most important points of any Kratom legislation is deciding who can and who cannot buy Kratom legally. With the growing Kratom popularity, it was becoming hard to keep a check on who was buying Kratom. To keep things under control, the Kratom legislation news stated that individuals below 18 cannot buy Kratom products.

Labeled Products:

Can you imagine that there was a time when Kratom-related products weren’t labeled? That’s right! Kratom varieties didn’t require any labeling by law and so many vendors simply sold Kratom that could have anything in it. Now all Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, or any other Kratom varieties have to be properly labeled. This not only provides customers with the name of the products but will also provide an insight into where the Kratom was obtained from.

Primary Ingredients:

The Kratom legislation news states that Kratom products need to list all their primary ingredients on the label. This is to ensure that buyers don’t end up buying a product with any extra ingredients. So, ingredients such as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are always clearly provided on the labeling.

Kratom and Traveling:

One of the most important things that Kratom legislation news made changes to is traveling with Kratom. There was a time that traveling with Kratom was very confusing as countries did not have definitive laws regarding Kratom.

However, all that has changed! Today, many countries have labeled Kratom as a legal product and customers have to no longer be worried about traveling with Kratom. That being said, there are places in the world where Kratom is still illegal so Kratom enthusiasts should always do their research before traveling.

Kratom Legislation in the US

Thanks to Kratom legislation in the US, 44 out of 50 states have declared Kratom to be a legal product for buying, selling, and carrying purposes. The 6 states that have banned Kratom are as follows:

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Wisconsin
  • Vermont
  • Rhode Island
  • Illinois

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