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Kratom’s demand continues to sky-rocket as more and more jump on the Kratom bandwagon. With an increase in demand, there’s also a need for an increase in information available on this natural botanical. Hence, we at Kratom Source USA provide detailed articles on Kratom and the topic that we are going to address today is ‘Is Kratom legal in the US?’

The answer to this isn’t as simple as most of you would think. A simple search will tell you that Kratom’s legality in the US differs from state to state. But why is this? Which US states is Kratom legal in and which states is it banned in? Why did Kratom get banned in the first place? Keep reading this detailed article on ‘Is Kratom legal in the US’ to find the answers to all these questions!

Where Does Kratom Come From?is kratom legal in the us buy kratom

Many Kratom buyers think that Kratom is sourced from the US. This is entirely false as all the authentic Kratom in the world is obtained from Southeast Asia! The leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa trees of the region provide the Kratom herb.

These leaves can be found in different colors and each color provides a unique personality to Kratom. The Kratom colors that are available are:

These colors can be bought in a variety of Kratom strains. Keep in mind that each Kratom strain provides a unique alkaloid profile. This is because of the varying conditions available in the Southeast Asian regions.

How Popular Is Kratom?

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Before we start discussing ‘Is Kratom legal in the US?’, let’s talk a little about Kratom’s popularity. Is Kratom popular enough for enthusiasts to be worry ‘Is Kratom legal in the US?’ Well, certainly it is!

Kratom is a billion-dollar industry in the US today! Not only are there millions of customers searching for top quality Kratom for sale but there are also thousands of Kratom vendors to match this high demand. This situation has led to countless job opportunities being created in the US as well. All in all, Kratom has become very popular amongst US residents in a short period.

Is Kratom Legal in the US?

Well then, is Kratom legal in the US or not? That’s the big question! Those of you who want to buy Kratom in the US will be happy to know that Kratom is currently legal to buy, sell, and possess in the majority of US states! Out of the 50 US states, there are only 6 that have banned Kratom.

The reason for this is the existence of both a state and federal level legal system in the US. This system allows each state to make independent decisions regarding substances like Kratom.

As of November 2020, 44 of the 50 US states have declared Kratom legal to buy, sell, and possess. Some of these states impose certain restrictions like minimum age to buy, not being able to buy in a certain area, and so on.

Which States Is Kratom Banned In?

While Kratom may be legal in most of the US states, learning about ‘Is Kratom legal in the US?’ involves finding out what states Kratom is banned in. 6 states fit into this category and they are as follows:is kratom legal in the us

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana
  • Vermont
  • Rhode Island

Why Did Kratom Get Banned In The First Place?

is kratom legal in the us to buy

Now that you know the answer to is Kratom legal in the US, let’s talk about why Kratom got banned in the first place. As Kratom grew in popularity, some of its potential competitors began to feel threatened by Kratom’s entry into the market.

These competitors began to run campaigns that attacked Kratom’s brilliant reputation in the market by providing false information.

Hence, many people began to believe that Kratom’s ingredients weren’t safe. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine were the ingredients that were referred to in this scenario. These two are known as the main alkaloids that provide Kratom with its personality.

However, after intense research on these alkaloids, the DEA and FDA concluded that there wasn’t enough information to suggest that these Kratom ingredients were harmful. Hence, Kratom won its legal battle and today it’s easily available in a majority of the US states!

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