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Kratom Kaps is a US-based Kratom vendor that sells its products indirectly. This means it is a wholesale vendor that works through resellers and retailers only. Since most of its customers are headshops and vape stores, Kratom Kaps has been recognized as a head shop brand, which may not be true. Headshop Kratom is often conceived as expensive, and some customers also complained about the low quality. Is Kratom Kaps one of those substandard brands, or is it worth buying? Find out in our Kratom Kaps review.

An Unbiased Kratom Kaps Review

One of the biggest concerns about any headshop Kratom is price. Kratom buyers believe that Kratom brands are often over-priced, plus their quality is something not to write home about. This is the main reason why many customers prefer to buy from online stores, such as Kratom Source USA.

However, this may not be the case with Kratom Kaps as they claim to deliver the best quality on the market. The key thing to note in this Kratom Kaps review is, that the vendor claims it only chooses mitragyna speciosa farmers. Those farmers who meet their strict, Non-GMO standards qualify as raw material suppliers.

You’ll obviously be thinking: Well, everyone promises the same thing but only a handful do what they say. This is why we have put so much effort into this Kratom Kaps review – to provide you with an honest and unbiased verdict.

So, let’s find out if Kratom Kaps is true to its claim.

What Kratom Kaps Offer

Not too many headshop Kratom brands deal in a large variety of mitragynine Kratom products. The same is true for Kratom Kaps. They have a limited number of Kratom strains to work on so they can focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and consistency.

Kratom Kaps deals in four Kratom strains, including:

The next thing you may want to know about is the Kratom colors. But unluckily, we couldn’t find any information about it. So, in a way, it’s frustrating for some buyers who have a specific choice. However, there is a catch.

Since Kratom Kaps doesn’t sell directly to customers, it doesn’t mention anything about Kratom colors. You can inquire about the Kratom color from the headshop where Kratom Kaps products are available.

Kratom Kaps Prices

Kratom prices vary depending on the Kratom strain. Plus, other factors, such as retailers, also affect the pricing of Kratom subspecies. While resellers and retailers are free to determine the prices, Kratom Kaps does recommend the retail price for each product.

Here are the prices (for the lowest and highest quantities) suggested by Kratom Kaps:

  • Maeng Da Kratom capsules: 45-ct for $11.99, going up to 100-ct for $17.99
  • Maeng Da Kratom powder: 35g for $7.49, and 100g for $16.99
  • Bali Kratom capsules: 45-ct for $12.49, and 100-ct for $19.99
  • Bali Kratom powder: 35g for $7.99, and 100g for $17.99
  • Malay Kratom capsules: 45-ct for $12.49, and 100 ct for $19.99
  • Malay Kratom powder: 35g for $7.99, and 100g for $17.99
  • Indo Kratom capsules: 20-ct for $5.99, and 40-ct for $10.99
  • Indo Kratom powder: 50g for $17.99

If you’re looking for coupon codes or special deals, you won’t get any, since Kratom Kaps only works with wholesale and retail vendors. The only way to get discounts on Kratom Kaps products is to keep checking with the headshop.

How Good is Kratom Kaps?

Moving close to the end of our Kratom Kaps review, let’s figure out this brands’ image. We usually consider two factors, apart from price and quality, and these are:

  • The customer service
  • Brand reputation

In the case of Kratom Kaps, the first thing won’t make any difference, since they don’t deal with the public. You can only get this information from the retailers. You can ask about how consistent their supplies are, and what their average sales per shop are.

As far as the reputation is concerned, Kratom Kaps has got mixed reviews on Reddit. One of the happy customers rated it to be “One of the best headshop stuff around”.

Final Verdict

Now that we have reached this far in our Kratom Kaps review, we can say that the headshop brand is worth a try. It’s not liked those substandard brands that charge high and provide substandard products.

If the range of products is not sufficient, you can search for other brands on our Kratom blog. Or you can search for the desired Kratom product on our website. Kratom Source USA deals in a large number of Kratom strains, all high-quality.


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