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Malaysia is a country that is not just popular for its tourism but also its herbs. Among the various herb varieties that grow in this region, Malay Kratom holds a very special spot. So, as a kratom enthusiast, you might be interested in buying this strain.

Malay Kratom is one of the classic kratom strains. It was among the first varieties to be discovered almost a century ago. And from there, it spread throughout the world. However, today, a big portion of the Malay Kratom seeds are exported to Indonesian farms for growing purposes.

Do you want the most up-to-date information about Kratom from Malaysia? You have come to the right place. The ‘Kratom Source USA’ experts are always ready to guide you with every piece of information about Kratom that you need. So, without wasting any time, let us start exploring the Malay Kratom.

What is Malay Kratom?

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Malay Kratom is a kratom variety that originates from Malaysia. Trees of the Malay Kratom grow both naturally in the tropical forests of Malaysia and with the help of supplements in farms. However, organic Malay Kratom has a higher quality in comparison to those grown with the help of supplements.

We at ‘Kratom Source USA’ only import the organically and naturally grown kratom from Malaysia. The farms from where we import our kratom capsules and powder are considered the best in the entire Southeast Asian region. These farms do not use any fertilizers or pesticides in the production of kratom.

Growing the Malay Kratom

Since the Malay Kratom belongs to a tropical environment (like all other kratom varieties), you cannot grow it in the United States (or other parts of the world). The Kratom tree is particularly sensitive to environmental conditions.

For instance, a slight shift in the humidity or temperature can change the quality of the plant. Therefore, kratom plants do not survive well in other regions of the world.

As a hobbyist, if you still want to grow the Malaysian Kratom plant in the US, you will need an artificial chamber. It would only be possible if you can somehow maintain the ideal conditions artificially. However, remember that the quality of the plan will still not be good enough. After all, no artificial design can beat or match up to the natural environmental conditions of Southeast Asian rainforests.

So, your best bet is to buy Malaysian Kratom products imported directly from Southeast Asia, rather than trying to grow it yourself.

Types of Malay Kratom

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Malaysian Kratom comes in three primary types, just like all other kratom strains. In the market, you can find Green Malay Kratom, Red Malay Kratom, and White Malay Kratom. But that is not all. Some specialty kratom stores also sell the highly esteemed Gold and Yellow kratom from Malaysia. However, the latter two varieties are simply a blend or derivatives of the three primary vein colors.

Malay Kratom varieties come in various forms. For instance, our store, ‘Kratom Source USA’ specializes in selling kratom powder and capsules. So here, you can find Malaysian kratom in the form of both high-end capsules and powder.

Some brands also produce liquid kratom products from Malaysian varieties. Though, it is more common in the form of powder and capsules. With that, some buyers also prefer to get soaps and candles made of kratom from Malaysia. You can buy such products from specialty kratom stores.

Is it Worth Your Money?


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The answer to this question would be quite subjective. For as long as you get high-quality Malaysian Mitragyna Speciosa products, your money will be well-spent. On the other hand, low-quality products that you can find in some cheaper head shops are not worth it at all.

If you would compare this strain with other kratom varieties, you may notice several differences. Firstly, the Mitragynine composition of the Malaysian Kratom shall be different in comparison with let us say, Thai Kratom. The same applies to other alkaloids too. So, in the end, your preferences matter the most.

Other factors must also be considered. Factors such as the price, alkaloid composition, product quality, and freshness decide whether it is worth it or not. Therefore, we suggest you always buy kratom only from highly reputed stores, such as ours.


Now, you know all the basic information about this variety. If you have already decided to buy this kratom variety, head straight to our store ‘Kratom Source USA‘, click on the Malay kratom category, and places your order. You will certainly not regret your purchase!

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