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The world of Kratom is vast! And hence, every new kratom enthusiast is willing to learn more and more. If you are one of these curious-minded individuals, then this kratom tincture guide might be very valuable for you. In this guide, we take you through all the basics of Kratom tincture.

What is a Kratom Tincture?

Kratom Tinctures are liquid derivatives that come from the Mitragyna Speciosa plant. This plant grows throughout Southeast Asia, in dense tropical forests of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Regions of Borneo Island, and Papua New Guinea. It is also common in some of the other surrounding islands.

As a kratom enthusiast, you would already know about kratom capsules and kratom powder. However, liquid kratom products such as Kratom tincture are also popular among buyers. They differ a lot in terms of their composition and production methods.

A kratom tincture could fall into one of the two categories: full-spectrum extract or an isolate extract. Isolated liquid extracts contain one or multiple (but specific) components that are a part of the overall Mitragyna Speciosa composition. For instance, you could have an isolate of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine only.

In comparison, a full-spectrum kratom tincture would include Mitragynine, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, and up to 40 other alkaloids in small compositions that are originally present in Mitragyna Speciosa leaves.

Why Buy Kratom Tincture?

There are many reasons why some kratom enthusiasts prefer to buy kratom tinctures over kratom capsules and powder. Of course, each kratom product has its own significance. But in this section, we will particularly talk about the reasons why you might want to buy tinctures.

Higher Composition

Tinctures usually have a higher composition of alkaloids per drop of liquid kratom. Furthermore, this composition varies from brand to brand. So, before you choose any kratom tincture, do not forget to check the labels. Due to the higher composition, tinctures are incredibly popular among long-time buyers of kratom.


Unlike kratom capsules and powders that come in big bulky packs, kratom tincture comes in a small tincture bottle. Yet, the total amount of alkaloids present in a kratom tincture may be comparable with that of a bulky pack of kratom. So, a small drop of liquid kratom tincture would have a high alkaloid composition.

This is quite convenient for many buyers as it removes the constraints related to storing kratom. Since Kratom tinctures remain fresh for a longer period (typically due to the carrier oil), they are easy to store. Although, you must protect them from light and heat too, just like other kratom products. Otherwise, it would result in quick aging, hence reducing the quality of the liquid kratom.

High-Quality Kratom Tincture

Kratom tinctures are more expensive in comparison with other kratom products. As a result of this, only a select number of brands produce kratom tinctures. And since buyers are typically willing to pay higher for these products, their quality is also usually high.

So, unlike kratom capsules and kratom powder which are easy to produce, kratom tincture usually has a high quality due to their exclusive nature.

High Purity Kratom Tincture

One of the biggest reasons to buy Kratom tincture is that they have a high level of purity. Of course, with a proper manufacturing method, other kratom products could achieve high purity too. But in the case of Kratom tincture (liquid kratom), it is much easier for brands and manufacturing facilities to increase the purity by simply running the production cycle a few times.

Final Word – Kratom Tincture

Apart from Kratom tincture, the market is full of other Mitragyna Speciosa products too. Ultimately, your choice comes down to your preferences. For instance, people who do not own a weighing machine may prefer capsules instead of powder. Similarly, those who do not want to deal with storage and want a higher composition may choose kratom tincture.

So, if you are a new kratom buyer, we suggest you read up on other kratom products too before making a final choice. This way you will get the best value and will not regret making the purchase!


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