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Although online shopping has become much safer in terms of credit card security, it still poses a risk in other aspects. One of these concerning things is the quality which is one of the biggest reasons people are reluctant to buy Kratom online. This is why brand reviews are so important. Today, we are going to give you an inside look at Kwik Kratom. This review will help you to get to know this vendor and all that they offer.

Kwik Kratom Review

When you search for Kratom near me, you’ll find tons of options – local and online. Among these vendors, one of the prominent ones is Kwik Kratom. But, can you trust the vendor? Are their products worth the money? What do customers have to say about the seller?

You’ll find the answers to all these questions and other related information about Kwik Kratom in this review. Let’s get right into it.

What is Kwik Kratom?

Established in 2014, Kwik Kratom is a Kratom vendor that has a decent reputation among Kratom enthusiasts. Two years after they started their business, Kwik Kratom rebranded the whole website and renamed themselves ‘Kwik Botanicals.’

On their website, the seller claims to offer the most affordable Kratom prices, and we have to agree. Likewise, the vendor says that their brand is built on three principles: high-quality Kratom, reasonable prices, and free shipping.

Yes, that’s correct. Kwik Kratom offers free shipping on all orders, and that’s probably what made them so popular among the customers. Let’s look at some other features of the seller, such as payment options and product variety.

Kratom Products Offered by Kwik Kratom

When it comes to the variety of Kratom strains, Kwik Kratom falls behind many other vendors. Apart from the fact that the seller does not stock Kratom capsules, even the Kratom powder is not available for rare strains such as Yellow Vietnam Powder.

Some common strains sold by Kwik Kratom include:

  • Green Borneo
  • Green Malay
  • Red Indo
  • Maeng Da
  • Green Thai

The seller also offers sample packs, starting from $19.99 that you can buy to test a strain of your choice. Plus, there’s a three-strain variety pack, also priced at $19.99, which contains small amounts of three different Kratom colors.

Kratom enthusiasts have mixed feelings about the limited choice of strains at Kwik Kratom. On the one hand, if a vendor specializes in certain strains, it’s an indication of high quality.

Meanwhile, it also means that you’ll have to find another vendor to buy less common strains like White Indo Elephant Powder.

Kwik Kratom also sells Kratom wholesale starting from $140. You can buy Maeng Da Red, Red Thai, Green Thai, Green Borneo, and a few other common strains.

Kwik Kratom Prices

As mentioned earlier, Kwik Kratom is popular due to its low prices. While most customers are delighted about this prospect, others are skeptical, considering the prices are a bit too low to be true.

Here are the prices of a few common strains on the vendor’s website.

  • Green Borneo: $7.99 (1 oz) to $87.99 (6 oz)
  • Red Thai: $7.99 (1 oz) to $87.99 (6 oz)
  • Red Bali: $7.99 (1 oz) to $87.99 (6 oz)
  • Green Malay: $7.99 (1 oz) to $87.99 (6 oz)

Most strains start from $140 per kg in wholesale, while Green Borneo and Red Thai are priced at $135 a kilo. You can also get a wholesale split pack with two different strains, priced at $150 a kilo. To buy from the store, you’ll have to set up an account first.

Online Feedback About Kwik Kratom

Customers have mixed feedback about Kwik Kratom. While most people love the seller for offering free shipping and pocket-friendly prices, others remain cynical.

Despite the few skeptics, Kwik Kratom’s business is booming. That’s an indication of a loyal customer base and dependent product quality.

Contact Information

If you want to contact Kwik Kratom, go to their website and fill out the contact form. You can also learn a lot about the Kratom plant from the seller’s newsletter.

Subscribe to the newsletter to get details about any upcoming deals or promotions on Kwik Kratom’s online store.

Final Words

To conclude our review of Kwik Kratom, we can confidently say that the vendor is worth a shot. Besides offering free shipping on every purchase, they deliver premium quality products and that too at reasonable prices.

However, some enthusiasts might feel that the product variety is lacking. If you can look around that, you should consider buying Kratom from Kwik Kratom. Lastly, check our Kratom blog regularly to learn about other reliable sellers.


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