Kratom Plant, otherwise known as Mitragyna Speciosa, grows commonly in the forests of Southeast Asia. It is an evergreen tree that grows best in a tropical environment. Experts use the kratom plant to create a number of products such as kratom capsules, powder, soap, candles, extracts, tinctures, and kratom tea.

Today, it is one of the most popular herbs in the United States, and for justified reasons. Experts derive kratom from leaves that grow on the plant of Kratom. These leaves contain a significant number of alkaloids such as the two major ones i.e. Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

In some countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, you can find the plant kratom growing on almost every corner. That is how common this plant is in these countries. In specific, Indonesia is home to some of the highest-demand kratom strains such as the Bali kratom.

What is The Kratom Plant?

The Kratom plant grows up to 25 m in height with a trunk diameter of up to 0.9 m. Generally, the Kratom tree has a straight trunk with glossy-green leaves. The leaves on the Kratom plant may grow up to 8 inches long with 4.7 inches wide, and up to 17 vein pairs.

The vein and stems on kratom leaves change their color depending on the age of the leaf. For example, mature kratom leaves have red-colored stems and veins. Similarly, younger kratom leaves have Green or White colored veins. These colors are a good indication of the alkaloid composition, which increases with age and maturity. Hence, younger white or Green Kratom leaves tend to have more subtle properties.

History of The Kratom Plant

Kratom is not a recent discovery. Even in ancient times, it was a part of the local traditions of Southeast Asian countries. However, in those times, Kratom was only popular in the form of leaves. Today, modern technology allows experts to create a wide range of products.

Nevertheless, the introduction of the Kratom plant in the modern world was made by Pieter Willem Korthals, a Dutch botanist who was working with the East India Company. He discovered Kratom while on a trade journey to Malaysia. Later, it formally got the name, ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’.

Is Kratom Legal?

A few years back, the DEA and FDA tried to place a national kratom ban. However, the ban was never placed as both of these bodies withdrew their intent for an indefinite period of time. Since then, Kratom has stirred a lot of discussions. It is one of the few herbs that researchers are actively studying to find out more about its magical nature.

But you may ask, ‘is kratom illegal?’ As a simple answer, we can say no, the Kratom plant is not illegal on the federal level. However, there may be certain limitations on the state level.

There is a total of 6 states where it is illegal to buy kratom. These include Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Vermont, Indiana, and Arkansas. If you don’t belong to any of these 6 states, you can easily buy kratom from local or online stores. But do note that Kratom may also be illegal in some jurisdictions. For instance, in California, Kratom is legal but you cannot possess/sell/buy it in San Diego. So, we strictly advise you to confirm its legality in your respective city also apart from the state.

Where to Buy Kratom From? 

Experts use the Kratom Plant to create many products that you may want to buy. These products fall into different strains, colors, and types. However, finding a reliable store from among the thousands of vendors is not easy.

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With that, our store ‘Kratom Source USA’ sells every product for a very fair price. As a result of this, we now have a large community of dedicated buyers who regularly place orders using our intuitive website.

So, if you want to buy kratom online, ‘Kratom Source USA’ has got you covered!

Before choosing any particular kratom strain or variety, we highly suggest you read up on it (if you are a new kratom enthusiast). We regularly update our kratom blog with informative articles to guide our curious buyers in the right direction.


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