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So you already know the answer to what is Kratom and are now looking for different online options to buy Kratom from. If this is the case, you are just in the right place. To help our readers decide between different online options when it comes to vendors, we are sharing in-depth info about different options, like in this Moon Kratom review.

Moon Kratom Reviewread moon kratom review

It is important to learn about different online stores before deciding about the best option as there are hundreds of options out there. So what does the Moon Kratom review say? Is it an established online brand? What is the product range? Is it an affordable online store? What are the different types of Kratom available?

We will discuss everything in this article, so keep reading.

Moon Kratom: An Introduction

Moon Kratom is based out of Austin, Texas, and was founded in 2015. It has been in the business for the last five years, when many others emerged and disappeared at the same time. This makes them an authentic option and also a popular one.

You can easily order and pay online using a debit or credit card. However, the first look at their website makes you feel like it was developed by a 9-year-old from a basement as a fun project. Simply put, the website needs an upgrade, probably a better design.

The online store doesn’t offer any returns or exchange if the package is opened, but can refund or replace an untouched package if it is returned within 30 days of purchase. The company uses USPS Priority service to deliver their products, and ships all across the US (except for the states where Kratom is banned)

Moon Kratom Review – Products Range

Well, the most important thing for a Kratom vendor is their products. An average buyer looks for the number of available Kratom strains, the vein color variation, and the types of products available. So what about Moon Kratom?

Well, the product range is nothing but disappointing, especially if you compare it with other popular online stores, like Kratom Source USA.

To start with, you can choose from the 12 listed products only, out of which one is their brand hat, so not really a Kratom. They also sell OPMS Kratom products, like OPMS Liquid Kratom Extract. Other brand products include Lunar Kratom capsules and HUSH Full Spectrum Kratom Extract.

In addition, the online store only sells eight of its own Kratom products that include:

moon kratom review online

  • Yellow Thai Kratom Powder
  • Red Indo Kratom Powder
  • White Borneo Kratom Powder
  • Maeng Da Kratom Extract
  • Red Bali Kratom Extract
  • Green Indo Kratom Powder
  • Maeng Da Kratom Powder
  • Yellow Indo Kratom Powder

As you may have noticed, the strains are limited to only Thai, Indo, Borneo, Maeng Da, and Bali. In comparison, you can find 12 different Kratom strains on Kratom Source USA. Similarly, the vein color variation is also limited when you can find up to four vein colors for each strain on Kratom Source USA.

Similarly, their products are mostly available as Kratom powder and extracts, with only one Kratom capsule product.

Other than their basic products, Moon Kratom review reveals that Kratom wholesale as well to other vendors. However, there is no product detail available, as you have to fill an online form to get additional information.

Moon Kratom Pricesmoon kratom capsules

Next, what are the prices? Well, if compared to other options, Moon Kratom offers very affordable prices, cheaper than most other online stores.

For example, if you buy 100g of Red Bali Kratom, it will cost you only $17 on their current discounts. However, the original price is $25.

Other strains available on the store are also currently available at discounted prices. Overall, Moon Kratom is a cheap option.

Moon Kratom Online Feedback

There is not much feedback about Moon Kratom, but whatever is available, it is above-average. Most of their customers are satisfied with the delivery of products, overall quantity, and prices.

Final Verdict

All in all, Moon Kratom is an established brand with positive online feedback. However, their product range is very limited. However, whatever they sell is good, and prices are also affordable with fast delivery time.

But what if you need more Kratom strains? In that case, you can always buy Kratom from Kratom Source USA, where you can find dozens of different products, both in capsule and powder form. To learn more about Kratom products, strains, vein colors, and recent Kratom news, you can always follow our Kratom blog.

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