Life Force Kratom is a vendor that has flown under the radar. So, it may be a name that you are not highly familiar with. Before buying any kratom from a vendor it is a good ideal to do your research. You want to ensure that you are buying from a trusted source. This review will help you explore Life Force and everything they offer.

Life Force Kratom Review

The popular opinion about Life Force Kratom is that they’re a customer-centric company, offering plenty of Kratom products. Most importantly, almost all of their products are priced reasonably, making them a decent option among buyers.

However, one can’t be too certain these days. That’s why we did some extensive research on the vendor. After gathering information from their website, social media pages, and some third-party sources, we’ve curated this Life Force Kratom review for you.

Let’s see if the brand is really up to the mark.

What is Life Force Kratom?

Based in Massachusetts, Life Force Kratom is a family-owned business that has emerged as a strong contender in the Kratom market. Despite being a new vendor, the company became a popular choice due to competitive prices.

Also, it seems like Life Force Kratom makes necessary changes in its product variety and other things to cater to the customers’ needs. For instance, they recently included new payment options to add flexibility to the purchasing process.

From this, it’s quite clear that the company is committed to providing the best for its customers. But do they have the Kratom colors that you’re looking for? Let’s discuss that in detail now.

Life Force Kratom Product Range

For now, the seller has thirty Kratom strains in stock. Although it’s a decent amount, it’s still much lesser than some other highly-reputed vendors such as Kratom Source USA.

Apart from being lesser in number, some strains are also out of stock often. Now, this implies that the seller gets fresh Kratom from time to time instead of stocking up heaps of the Kratom herb in a warehouse. That’s a good sign.

However, this also means that you may have to wait a few days or weeks to get your hands on your favorite strain. Fortunately, with Kratom Source USA, waiting is never an option. All strains are readily available in stock every day of the week since we get regular shipments.

As for the product range, Life Force Kratom sells these common strains, among others:

You can find these Kratom strains in different colors, ranging from red to white. However, there are only two gold strains:

  • Yellow Kapuas
  • Yellow Jongkong

If you’re looking for a wide range of gold Kratom products, Kratom Source USA never disappoints.

Along with the Kratom plant, Life Force Kratom also deals in alternative blends. Also, they send two honey sticks with each order. You can also buy honey sticks – in different flavors – for $1 individually.

Besides, Life Force Kratom only sells Kratom powder. Thus, if you want to buy Kratom capsules, you’ll have to find them elsewhere.

Life Force Kratom Prices

The prices offered by Life Force Kratom are a bit higher than some others but are still reasonable. Also, the prices are the same for each strain, including the Special K blend.

  • $11.50 for 50 grams
  • $26.20 for 125 grams
  • $45.10 for 250 grams

Again, if you want to buy Kratom capsules or Kratom wholesale, Life Force Kratom is not the place for you.

Life Force Kratom Customer Reviews

On the whole, customers are satisfied with Life Force Kratom, but they have some concerns. First off, the seller has a limited number of strains that they do not intend to increase any time soon. Second, they do not sell Kratom extract, liquid, or capsules.

How to Contact Life Force Kratom?

To contact Life Force Kratom, fill out the form on their website or drop them an email at

Final Words

To end this, we can say that Life Force Kratom can be your go-to Kratom seller if you’re looking for a limited number of strains at low prices.

Alternatively, if you want to select Kratom from a comprehensive range with proper lab testing and reasonable prices, check our website or Kratom blog.


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