Indo Elephant

Indo kratom strains are extremely popular among kratom enthusiasts in the US, particularly due to their rich properties and diversity. Within the umbrella term of Indo strains, there are many different kratom varieties that are sold as stand-alone products due to their unique nature. Among these, Indo Elephant Kratom is highly notable.

What is the Indo Elephant after all? Simply put, this is a kratom variety in which the largest leaves are used from an Indo tree source. These leaves sometimes have a similar droopy look. This is where this kratom variety gets the name from.

Apart from having a unique shape, the Indo Elephant Kratom leaves tend to have a richer composition. The two primary alkaloids present in these leaves are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. However, unlike most of the other kratom varieties, Indo Elephant also has a significant proportion of other alkaloids.

Usually, the additional alkaloids are present in a very trace amount due to which they have a negligible contribution to the overall traits. However, in the case of Indo Elephant Kratom, the additional alkaloids have a significant contribution to the properties.

Sometimes sold in the form of kratom capsules and otherwise sold as a powder, the Indo Elephant Kratom is among the highest bought exotic varieties.

Typically, stores that have kratom for sale tend to capitalize on the fact that devoted kratom enthusiasts are willing to pay top dollar for this strain.

However, at ‘Kratom Source USA’, we sell each product at industry-average pricing. We do this to make high-quality and 100% authentic kratom accessible to everyone.

So, if you are planning to buy kratom of high-quality at an affordable price, our Indo Elephant products are a suitable choice for you! Alternatively, if you are looking for another strain, you may also want to scroll through our entire list of items.



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