Green Kali Powder


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Green Kali Powder

Sourced directly from the Kalimantan region in Borneo, Kali Kratom is a very popular kratom strain. We can say that it falls under the umbrella of Indo strains, but due to its unique properties and exact location of growth, it is considered as a stand-alone strain. Our Green Kali Powder comes for pure Green Kratom leaves – hence it is 100% pure and authentic.

Are you looking to buy kratom from Kalimantan? This all-natural Green Kali Powder may be a great option for you.

We source our Green Kali Powder directly from the highest-end farms in the Kalimantan region. This region comprises of the Indonesian part of Borneo Islands, which is considered to be home to diverse and high-quality kratom varieties.

This Green Kali Powder is also very commonly filled inside capsule shells, due to the high demand of Green Kali kratom capsules. As many Kratom enthusiasts prefer to buy capsules due to their high versatility.

Salient Features of Our Green Kali Powder:

  • Unmatched affordability
  • High-quality
  • 100% authentic Kali kratom strain
  • All-natural product
  • Secure packaging for maximum freshness
  • Quick delivery

The journey of this Green Kali Powder is quite an interesting one. First, experienced farmers use ladders to climb up the trees and hand-pick the highest quality Green vein leaves. Thereafter, the harvested leaves are stacked in a wooden container.

Subsequent to this, farmers thoroughly wash the harvested Kratom leaves to remove any traces of dirt or pollen. Once washed, the leaves are then placed in an air-conditioned environment for about 10 days and left to dry.

Once fully dried, the leaves are finally crushed and ground via heavy industry-grade machinery. This turns the dry leaf into a fine powder, which is packaged and exporter to our store ‘Kratom Source USA’.

Here, we take great pride in including the original Green Kali Powder in our range of kratom for sale.

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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