Green Sunda Powder

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Green Sunda Powder

The Malay Archipelago is specifically known as home to a wide range of kratom varieties. Among these, the Sunda Kratom Strain is always high in demand. Yet, it has a low supply due to a high amount of deforestation in this area. However, we, at Kratom Source USA try our best to meet with this demand by importing large amounts of Green Sunda Powder straight from this region.

The Green Sunda Powder comes from the relatively younger Sunda Kratom leaves, that have green colored veins and stems. Other kratom colors that this strain is widely available in include White, and Red. Some rarer varieties include the Yellow Sunda Kratom and Gold Sunda Kratom.

Our Green Sunda Powder is specifically popular for having a unique set of qualities, that are all characteristic to authentic Sunda Kratom. This kratom variety requires great care, and supervision during its growth (especially if it is being cultivated on a large scale for harvesting purposes). Often at times, it is encapsulated into all-natural kratom capsules depending on the demand.

This is the prime reason why the farms that we import Green Sunda Powder from employ the most experienced farmers from this region.

Salient Features of Our Green Sunda Powder:

  • Manufactured with high-end industrial techniques
  • 100% Authentic Green Sunda Kratom
  • Ground into a fine consistency
  • Packaged securely for high freshness
  • Imported from high-end farms

Apart from the highly popular Green Sunda Powder, our store is also notable for featuring other high-quality varieties of kratom for sale.

With that, how often do you see some high-quality Green Sunda Powder for a highly affordable price? At Kratom Source USA, our prices begin at $24.99 per 100 grams, which is quite affordable in comparison to the industry standards and our high quality.

Whether you are a veteran kratom enthusiast or a newbie who wants to buy kratom, the Green Sunda Powder. So, wait no more and place an order today!


100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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