Red Hulu Kapuas Capsules


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Red Hulu Kapuas Capsules

If you have been a part of the kratom community for a while now, chances are that you would want to buy kratom of a new type. Of course, all the traditional kratom strains are widely popular. But who doesn’t like a bit of exoticism once in a while? If this sounds like you, the Red Hulu Kapuas Capsules by Kratom Source USA might just be the perfect choice for you.

The Hulu Kapuas is a unique Kratom Strain, which is more like a slight modification of the regular Indo strains. The leaves of this variety are carefully hand-picked by very experienced farmers from trees growing alongside the Kapuas River. And that is exactly where this strain’s name comes from.

The Kapuas River washes down significant nutrients for this plant to thrive and result in high-quality leaves. Indeed, the high quality of this strain is what makes it so popular.

A lot of struggle and dedication goes into the manufacturing of our Red Hulu Kapuas Capsules. Seldom found in many stores, these kratom capsules are exclusively imported by Kratom Source USA from high-end farms in Indonesia.

Despite the difficult sourcing and its scarcity, farmers in these farms go one-step ahead to pick the best Red Hulu Kapuas leaves. Once picked, the leaves undergo a very strictly controlled process of drying the leaves followed by crushing/grinding via heavy-duty machines.

Finally, fixed amounts of the resulting powder are filled into natural capsule shells with great precision and accuracy. This results in a solid product that is unmatched in terms of quality and production standards.

Salient features of Our Red Hulu Kapuas Capsules:

  • 100% authentic Hulu Kapuas kratom
  • All-natural kratom capsules
  • Manufactured with great quality standards
  • Affordable
  • Great packaging

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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