Red Hulu Kapuas Powder


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Red Hulu Kapuas Powder

The Red Hulu Kapuas Powder is a relatively new variety of kratom that is obtained from the thick and dense rainforests of the Indonesian part of Borneo. It takes a lot to cultivate and harvest this kratom strain. And hence, it is considered to be an exotic variety that is exclusively available at Kratom Source USA.

We take great pride in including this exotic variety in our range of Kratom for sale. The Red Hulu Kapuas Powder is grown alongside the riverbank of the Kapuas River. This region provides the best tropical environment for the growth of this variety.

Since the Kapuas River washes down high-quality nutrients into the soil along its riverbank, the kratom trees grown alongside tend to produce high-quality leaves. However, compared to other kratom varieties, the Hulu Kapuas kratom tree is rather scarce and grown in a limited quantity.

The exclusive farms where we import the Red Hulu Kapuas Powder from, have employed highly experienced farmers who put a lot of effort in harvesting this kratom variety. The leaves that are used in the manufacturing of this Red Hulu Kapuas Powder feature red-colored veins and stems. These correspond to the most mature leaves, with a high composition of alkaloids.

Like all varieties of Red Kratom, the Red Hulu Kapuas leaves are dried indoors for the most part followed by little exposure to the outdoor environment. Finally, after the leaves have fully dried, they are crushed via heavy-duty equipment resulting in a fine powder.

This powder is also encapsulated to create natural kratom capsules depending on the demand.

Salient Features of Our Red Hulu Kapuas Powder:

  • High-quality Kratom powder
  • Genuine Red Hulu Kapuas strain
  • Manufactured with great quality control
  • Affordable
  • Good packaging

If you are a long-time kratom enthusiast who wants to buy kratom of a unique type, our affordable Red Hulu Kapuas Powder is worth it!

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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