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Red Indo Capsules


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Red Indo kratom is one of the most popular strains of red kratom available. When you are looking for a kratom product, there are so many different strains and a wide variety on the market. It can be hard to find a strain that offers a potent blend of alkaloids and robust flavonoids, but the Red Indo provides both. 

Red Indo Kratom- Strain Overview

Red Indo kratom products are made with red-vein kratom leaves. Kratom leaves and their potency are classified based on the vein that runs down the middle of the leaves. The leaves’ veins shift from white to green before ending in red, making them the most mature. At this stage, the kratom leaves have the most alkaloids present. Kratom is known for having a wide variety of alkaloids, with the primary two pieces being mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which make kratom products popular.

Red Indo Kratom is grown exclusively in Indonesia in Southeast Asia. The tropical region has high levels of rainfall and warm weather. These features make for ideal growing beds for the kratom trees to thrive and grow all year round. While the kratom trees can be found growing in the wilds, they are mainly grown on plantations and farms. Here, skilled workers and farmers that have been growing the trees for generations can care and tend for the trees. They have developed expertise and can control the quality and consistency of the trees and leaves. 

What is Red Indo Kratom?

Red Indo Kratom is a strain of kratom that is made using red-veined kratom that is grown in Indonesia. The leaves for this strain are left to grow for the longest periods. This means that it has the highest levels of alkaloids within the leaves. This particular strain is grown in Indonesia. This island country has ideal conditions for the trees to thrive. Once the leaves have finished maturing, they are handpicked by the farmers and washed. The leaves are then taken indoors for drying. They are placed on drying racks where the temperature, light, and humidity levels can be controlled. This prevents changes in the leaves and their contents. After the leaves have fully dried, they are placed into airtight, sealed containers and shipped to our facilities. 

Why Purchase from Kratom Source USA?

Kratom Source USA is a trusted vendor that provides customers with 100% pure and fresh kratom products. We work closely with the kratom farmers who grow the kratom trees and can get our leaves fresh and keep this along with a variety of specialty strains in stock. When the leaves arrive, they are in airtight containers which maintain their freshness. We then test the leaves to make sure they are free of pesticides, contaminants, or any other chemical additives. You are then left with 100% kratom products that are fresh and authentic. 

We offer a 30-day return policy and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products. We follow Best Management Practices to ensure that our customers and products remain our top priority. We use strict quality control measures to ensure our kratom products are safe, tested, and pure while supporting our customers with optimal customer service. 

Buying Red Indo

Red Indo is a popular strain that is widely available through the most reputable kratom vendors. Kratom Source USA obtains our Red Indo kratom leaves directly from the farmers and skilled workers fresh. We then offer our powders and capsules in a variety of sizes. This lets you choose the size and amount that works best for you and your kratom needs. 

Similar Strains

Red Indo is a robust strain of kratom but does have many similarities with other red-veined kratom products that are grown in neighboring regions. If you enjoy the Red Indo, you may want to try these strains as well. 

Red Borneo

Grown on the island nation of Borneo in Southeast Asia, this strain offers kratom users a diverse alkaloid profile that is comparable to the Red Indo. It is also made with red-veined kratom and grown in a neighboring region, therefore is very similar. 

Indo Kratom

Indo kratom is available in all three natural vein colors: white, green, and red. Those that like the Red Indo sometimes also want to try the other types from the same area. While these are less potent than the Red Indo, the White Indo and Green Indo do offer you a variety of your kratom products. 

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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