White Sunda Capsules

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White Sunda Capsules

Sunda Islands are a group of islands located in the Malay Archipelago. They are further divided between four different countries namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunie, and East Timor.  However, the major portion of these islands belong to Indonesia. And that is also where to majority of kratom comes from. As the Mitragyna Speciosa trees grow abundantly throughout the Sunda islands region, the locals have, for hundreds of years, incorporated it as a part of their native culture. Named Sunda Kratom, this variety of kratom products has only been recently introduced in the Western world. Among all the different variations the Sunda kratom comes in, White Sunda capsules are one of the most popular.

Just like all other kratom strains, the Sunda kratom comes in three naturally occurring colors namely Green, White, and Red. While the green vein Sunda kratom has a quite toned-down alkaloid profile, the Red vein variety has the richest. The White Sunda capsules contain the White Sunda powder that has the most balanced alkaloid concentrations as compared to the other two varieties. That makes the White Sunda capsules equally popular among the experienced as well the new kratom enthusiasts.

So what makes the White Sunda Capsules stand out among other kratom products and varieties. It is the peculiar characteristic properties of the kratom that originates from the Sunda Islands, primarily the islands of Lombok and Sulawesi, that make it all the more unique. Scientists have so far traced than 25 different alkaloids in the kratom that comes in our exclusive White Sumatra capsules.

Our White Sunda capsules contain the freshest and most authentic kratom powder. We source all our kratom directly from the farmers who own the kratom farms so that we are able to consistently maintain our standards.

Salient Features of Our White Sunda Capsules

  • Freshly procured kratom, stored in our air-conditioned warehouses to preserve the freshness.
  • Available at the best price compared with other kratom brands offering similar kratom products
  • All-natural, completely organic kratom product
  • Delivered to you via the fastest possible method
  • Multiple payment options available as per your convenience

Buy kratom from us such as White Sunda capsules and rest assured, you will get back to us time and time again. Our kratom for sale is appreciated by the best kratom connoisseurs out there. Give it a try now!


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